Jul 4, 2010

A Kitty Cat's First Fourth of July

At first I thought it exciting. The birds grew quiet and I knew sumfin was about ta happen. and then begun the strangest thing I ever saw or heard. Poppin' noises! I heer dem in the distance. Pop, pop, pop! So I jump up in the window trying to figur out what going on and poppin' noises got more and many, many. Me-ow! I saw sparklee lights all dancin' in the sky! It verry purrty! I was mysty-fide. I neffur see anything like it.

I kep lookin' over at Miss E, but she kep readin' her book and frowning. I guess she din't like it, coz she gots up and close all the windows. Then she puff on her azzmah puffer. Then it got nighttime dark and smoke all over the nayborhood. Effurrybody is making the sparkees and the pop-pops on effurry street for a long time. I reely liek looking at the lights splashing. But one thing I don't lieks is more smoke! I can even smell it throo the window. Why they do that? I dunno.

Alla sudden the popping get turned into bangs. Bang! Bang! Bang! They is so many, liek effurrybody tryin' to make more noise than effurybody else. Liek it was a contest who gonna makes the most noise.

But, then... Bang! Bang! BOOM!!! It was terrible!

I din't care how purrty was them sparkee lights falling from the sky. I jump down from the window and run to Miss E's bed and lie down on her spot. I gonna stay here furrevver!


Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

At least yoo were safe inside. We worry about all the ferral and lost cats on such a night.
We're glad yoo stayed safe.

Spyder said...

Thank yoo, Alfie and Milo! I don't think those outdorr cats would like it much, too

TC said...

Glad you stayed safe, Dispatch watched fireworks Saturday night, I think the staying in the crate made him bark so much he was horse the next day!!

Patricia G said...

Not many here in town shoot off fireworks. There were some firecrackers. Lil' Cat hid. The others just perked their ears.