Jul 24, 2010

Shopping for the Queen

I was the most bored Queen today. So, we went shopping. I have to admit shopping was something I always thought would not interest me. However, I was fascinated with all I saw.

Miss E put me in a proper conveyance for one of my exalted position, and pushed me around the emporium.

Never in my life have I seen such an array of delightful items to admire.

Every sort of Cat food imaginable filled a whole wall from floor to ceiling. It took Miss E a long time to make our choices.

Normally I would have been impatient with her, but all the smells were heavenly, chicken, fish of all sorts, even duckling!

Then just for fun we went down the aisle where all the pet toys are located.

Oh, my goodness! I thought we had too many toys all over the house, but this is certainly a total extravagance, even for a queen!

We took a serious look at some cat climbing towers. We saw several very good ones.

I only saw one that would suit our family. It had a separate platform for each of us, and we would not be forced to walk over one another in order to get to our prospective places.

You can imagine what that would be like with Ninja, Spyder and I. Spyder could easily leap to the top, but Ninja would have to climb over me and I would not tolerate that from one of my subjects. It just wouldn't be proper even if he is my faithful guard.

I especially liked the one that had a separate little house in it. So perfect for me. Don't you think? However much we liked them Miss E would not make the purchase.

She bought new collars for Ninja and Spyder instead. They had nothing to compare to my royal jeweled pink collar.

The piece de resistance of the whole shopping expedition was when we found the fashion section.

As soon as I saw these two outfits I knew they would be perfect for me! Don't you think so?


Banana and Cheese said...

Purrrrr what fun! We want to go next time! We think the outfits are grand!

Banana and Cheese

Queen Bambi said...

Oh, Banana and Cheese, wouldn't it be lovely if we could have a shopping expedition together? T'would be purrfectly heavenly!