Jul 12, 2010

Bed Partners

He snores beside me
that butterball I love,
waking me from dead sleep.

My black cat, Ninja,
with big claws
and buck tooth yawn,

I jiggle him.
He looks at me
those golden eyes.

Annoyed, he rolls
on his side
and begins to snore

~ A Poem by Miss E


Banana and Cheese said...

Hi there! I love the poem. Who wrote the poem? Miss E? Is that you?

I am trying to figure out just how many cats you have. There is Ninja, Our Guardian Angels, Queen Bambi, and Spyder Monkey(love that name).

CD Hullinger, Banana and Cheese

Queen Bambi said...

Thank you! Yes, our purrson, Miss E wrote the poem. It's a long tradition passed down to us from our Guardian Angels Dowager Queen Keli, and Fire Cat Jeffery not to call our purrsons Mommy. We don't want her to treat us like babies. We want her to respect us as cats. Though secretly we think of her as our Mommy. But don't tell her that, please. We visited your site and are looking forward to getting to know you better!
HRH Queen Bambi