Until one has loved an animal, part of the soul remains unawakened

Until one has loved an animal, part of the soul remains unawakened


Happy Cat Lady

Happy Cat Lady

Dec 28, 2010

Cats Home Alone!

Leaving us home alone to fend for ourselves, some would say is unconscionable. But, we were not entirely alone as Neighbor Girl and the Monk came to visit for a while each day.

Yes, that meant we didn't get to see Mom, but that was fine with me as she had taken my new little princess with her, the one that Spyder is calling Sissy. I have not deigned to give her a proper name, yet. Unkind of me? No, it must be a carefully thought out process.

I was able to get in some valuable beauty sleep and escape the ravages and energy of my little princess. Bless her young innocent heart. I miss her while she is away with Mom, but truly she is a paw full. Even with my faithful minion, Ninja and loyal young boycat, Spyder, to give her attention, it can be exhausting to play chase with her all day. I'm sure you know what I mean if you have ever had a young kitten in your home.

I have some wonderful pictures that my dear liege, Ninja, has taken of me in my various stages of repose. I'm sure you can see how well rested this royal purrsonage looks. The first is on Mom's pillow while she is away. The second is under the lamp. I stay there when it automatically illuminates. And, of course, when The Monk is here, I've got the best place in the house! He looks so happy to love me. Doesn't he?


Amy and The House of Cats said...

We understand what you mean about liking the high energy of kittens but needing a break! We have TWO at our house right now and even though they are going to be 9 months old in a few days they are still so high energy and crazy! Even though they were only gone a day at the vets when they were spayed and neutered (one boy one girl) a few months back, it was a day we needed to try and reclaim our energy!

The Chair Speaks said...

We think you are most happy on 'The Monk'! :)

d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

My beautiful friend, you could come here any time you need a break!!

Elizabeth Munroz said...

My what gentile manners you have Sir Rumblepurr! Thank you kindly.

lupie said...

We think Mr. Monk is very cool!!!

Spyder said...

Actually, The Monk is quite warm, says Bambi

Laurie said...

Very nice photos...short concise charming dialogue..easy to read ;-)