Dec 8, 2010

Baby Sister and Sick Kitty

My little baby sista has a name sombuddy gave her at the shelter. Miss E asked me what's her name, but I know her means da name us kitty's is gonna call her. Since her shelther name is Angelica, we might let her keep it, since her is a angel baby. But, I likes ta call her Sista! Maybe Sister Angelica? Or Sissy?

Speakin' of names. Sissy keeps calling Miss E, Mommy. We tol her it's Miss E, but she still calls her Mommy, so me and Ninja and Queen Bambi is tryin' not to confuse Sissy, so we let's her say Mommy, cause she so happy when Mommy pik her ups, her purrs like a machine. So she can calls her Mommy if'n she wants to!

My little Sista, we think she gots a cold. Her keeps on sneezing. Miss E, I mean Mommy called da Shelter and they sed take her to da Vet free. Mommy did that and her tooks me too, cuz I was coffin.

Da nex day, I was coffin more and I dint want ta play wif Sissy no more. She wore me out. I went to hide unnerneath da sofa. Mommy and da Monk couldn't find me until they tipped the sofa upside down. I was jus so tired I dint want ta come out. Good thing they gots me out. I got so sicky yechhy. I were not eatin nothin and den I dint want ta drink no water. I lost a whole pound of weight! I is skinny enuff already, so dat not good. No wonder I felt sicks!

Then I has ta go ta da Vet, too. And dis time it weren't free. Da vet said I has Ton-sill-it-is and enfection. Da medicine da Vet gave for Miss E (I mean Mommy) ta give me dint work, and I had ta go back to da Vet. I had xrays and a shot a anti-biotics. Then dey had ta put water in a tube and put it into my skin at da back of my neck. I really dint like dat at all! Dat costed a whole lot more money. But, I is worth it!

Now I is all better!


Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Oh we are so sorry you are poorly. It must be horrible feelilng ill, and costing your mommy money too.

We think sweet little Angelica reminds us of a very special cat that Miss E once shared her life with, and loved and still loves very much ~ so maybe ANGELica is a very suitable name.

Spyder Monkey Munroz said...

Thank yoo, Milo and Alfie. I is feelin much better

Purrfect Haven said...

oh no, take care and at least the Vet helped. Love Darcy and Bingley xx

Elizabeth Munroz said...

Kitty purr love to yoo too, Darcy and Bingley!