Dec 9, 2010

A Royal Proclamation from Queen Bambi

It is I, Queen Bambi, here to announce the addition to our population the young Princess Angelica. I am permitting her to be a Princess because she can never become a Queen and dethrone me. I made sure she was worthy of the position by ignoring her totally when she arrived and watched her carefully from my closet boudoir. I must admit she has a privileged aura about her that will befit her royal station.

She is a pretty thing, I assure you, a calico-tortie I believe. Makes me think of the Dowager Queen, for whom this blog is named. (as already noted by our friends, Milo and Alfie) Our little miss was named Angelica by the shelter from whence she came, but we wont be addressing her thus. She is a cute young thing and I have cast my vote to re-name her Angel. But, Spyder insists on calling her "Sista", and now Miss E has picked up on calling her Sissy.

Now as long as we are changing names around here, we are acquiescing to little Sissy's name for Miss E which is Mommy. I'm a bit uncomfortable with it myself. So unbeffitting one of my rank. Don't you think? But, for the sake of our little girl, I will refer to Mommy so as not to confuse her.

Sissy isn't afraid of anything. She's a little Tasmanian Devil, and a whirlwind around the house. She's quick as a flash from one room to the other. The more her energy increased, the less Spyder's did. After he took ill, I came out to place with the little girl. After all she needed someone to play with.

All Ninja could do was growl at her. She took it like a trooper and shrugged her little shoulders at him. She keeps a respectful attitude, but I see she is bringing Ninja out of his shell and he actually was sleeping on the bed near to her this evening! I was greatly relieved. Now, Perhaps Ninja can take on some of the kitten sitting responsibility around here. I am certainly feeling under the weather and devoid of patience with Sissy right now. She has completely taken over my closet boudoir! Who knew one so tiny could leap up to the closet shelf like that. She watched me do it one time, only, and next thing you know she was in there playing with the ribbons. You see what I mean about her being a Tasmanian Devil? Feisty thing! Oh this is going to be interesting to see how she will liven up the boys!

As queen, I must not let my subjects know I am tired and cold and sneezing. Except for my brief sojourn at the keyboard I have taken to hiding beneath the blankets pushed up to Miss E's warm plumply thigh. (correction: Mommy)


Kathy Miller said...

You picked a wonderful family to grace with your presence, Sissy. I look forward to reading more from you and your kin. Athena, the goddess.

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

We like the name Sissy ~ although Angel is beautiful. We hope Sissy is going to be wonderfully happy sharing her noo home with you all.

meowmeowmans said...

Our friends Alfie and Milo Marshall suggested we check out your blog, so here we are!

It is our honor and pleasure to meet you, Queen Bambi. We hope you feel better soon. (Don't worry, we won't tell your subjects you are cold and sneezing, either).

The crew at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life

Sparkle said...

Milo and Alfie sent me over, and I just want to say, life with a calico kitten is never boring! My human's cat before me was a calico and she left a legacy that has been very difficult to live up to!

Sweet Purrfections said...

Hi! Milo and Alfie sent me over here. I just wanted to drop by to say hello. Please feel free to drop by for a visit anytime.

Kea said...

It's lovely to meet you, Queen Bambi. Sissy and Ninja too -- we read his story and are so glad he has a true forever home now.

BTW, we came from Milo and Alfie's blog and now are following your adventures.

And to introduce ourselves: We're three adoptees who live in the southeastern part of the province of Ontario, Canada, with our human. Our blog is Fuzzy Tales. We highly recommend linking your daily blog posts on the Cat Blogopshere if you would like new visitors and aren't already linking:

-Annie, Nicki and Derry

Katnip Lounge said...

Greeting Your Royal Highness.
We came over from Milo & Alfie's blog to say hello. We are just common Americats, but we would love to be friends, come over and visit us any time!

XX The Lounge Kats
Las Vegas

Mr Puddy said...

Hello, My name is Puddy. We came over to say hello. Milo & Alfie are our friends. Very nice to meet your Royal Highness.

Mr Puddy

Ellen Whyte said...

Alfie and Milo Marshall sent us over. We had no idea we'd be visiting royalty! And we're not dressed for it either. Love the name changes; every cat should have at least 3 names!

The Chair Speaks said...

Milo and Alfie suggested to visit you and we would like to say hi.

Queen Bambi, you are lovely and do have that majestic air.

We will follow you from now on.

BeadedTail said...

Our furiends Milo and Alfie told us about your blog so we wanted to come say hello!

Angel, Isabella & Sadie

The Island Cats said...

Hello, your Majesty! Milo and Alfie told us about you and we came by to say hello!! Watch out for those calico-torties!! They can be trouble!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hello Your Highness,

We popped over from Milo and Alfie's blog to say hello and if it's permitted, we would like to visit again in future.

jane: **curtsy**
Alice: **curtsy -- trip -- THUD**

Cat said...

Hi Kitties! We came over from Milo and Alfie's blog to say hello :-) We are following you now and look forward to reading all your adventures!

Welcome Sissy, we have a new kitty in our household too named Jimmy.

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

Why... HULLO bootiful new friend!! I came from Milo and Alfie's blog, and I'm so happy I did!

Spyder, Sissy, Bambi and Ninja said...

Thanks effurrybody for visiting our bloggy! We are so glad to see yoo here. We went an visited yoors, too.