Dec 12, 2010

Royal Cat Decree from Queen Bambi

I hereby proclaime that whether the Queen is sick or not, she shall not be hunted down like a common criminal and be forced to have that nasty, disgusting medicine put down her delicate throat!!! (Cough! Cough!)

Those who endeavor to disobey this law, shall be terrorized, and threatened by this hissed off cat! And shall be avoided like the plague from which you should suffer! (Oh, where are those dead rats when I need them?)

Be prepared to face my wrath! (sneeze... cough... sniffle... mew?)

No, No No! You can't catch me! I wont have it. You understand me? I wont have it!!! I will hide and sneak away faster than you can imagine.

Hunt me down, will you? I'm smarter than any purrson. Do you think for one minute I cannot outsmart you? Puny hooman! (Ah-Choo!!!)

Even if I am coughing so loud I can't hear myself think, I know you are trying to sneak up on me so you can give me that putris.

Think you for an instant that I cannot read your mind?

This is no way to treat your Queen!!! Where is your respect and reverence for me?

No matter how high I am hiding, I will get away from you long before you get that ladder out and try to climb up to me! (Cough! Choke! Gag!)

No matter what low you crawl on your hands and knees to shimmy your hulk under the bed, I am laughing at you all the way up over your back, and down your legs leaving my scratch tracks behind me.

Don't you realize yet, that you wont win? Must I bite you to prove my point? (Growwwwl! Hissssss!!!)

If I felt better I would claw my way through that cat proof window screen and run away from home! 

And don't you think for one second that you are going to lure me into that cozy travel carrier again!

I shall not permit you to take me to that so-called Better-inarian! He doesn't make me feel better one iota!!!

In fact, if you will remember correctly, he assaulted me with his thermometer and you stood right there holding me down and helped him!

You are a partner in the crimes against the Crown! You are nothing but a low down Traitor! (Meooooow!!!!)

Have you never heard of Patient's Rights? HOW DARE YOU!!! (Sigh! Cough! Cough!)

Please pet me?


Cat said...

Poor Queen Bambi, I hope you get better soon!!!

Kea said...

Aw, Queen Bambi, we think you need to tolerate the meds so you get better! We know it's not fun, but we want you to be well. Lots of purrs and Light from us!

Amy & the house of cats said...

Hi Queen Bambi! We came over to meet you from Milo and Alfie's blog - we are behind so we just saw their post today. We are very glad to meet you and can't wait to read more about all of you! We are sorry you are sick - we are purring for you to get better very soon!

Queen Bambi said...

Thanks so much for caring everyone. If I wake up all cozy from a nap it's not so bad to take my medicine then. I'm feeling better enough to let little Sissy play chase with me. So, soon, I'll be well.

lupie said...

Ohhh your Royal Highness,

It is for your own good!!
You can't rule the world coughing!!

Feel well soon!

Elizabeth Munroz said...

Thank you, Lupie!