Dec 7, 2010

Announcing Our New Baby Kitten!!!

I gots ta tell ya, I'm da happy cat! Can yoo guess why? Nope? Cuz I gots a baby sista!

Dat's right!

Miss E camed home wif a baby sista for me. Well, and for Bambi and Ninja, too. Though, they don't seems ta be as happy 'bout it as me.

I knowed sumpin was up when Miss E came home dat day. She comes home lotsa times wif the scents of other cats on her. Dat's cuz she goes to da shelters where we all once stayed to visit dem cats and kittens waitin' for their forever homes. We is use to her havin' dem tell-tale cat hairs stuk to her clothes. But, when she brought home my new little baby sista, we knew dere was sumpin diffrunt goin on.

First she lock us all in one room, den she puttin sump stuff in da baffroom and we hear her setting up a litter box and opening a can of cat food. How could we not figger it out?

Ninja, him jus pretend him don't know nuttin. Queen Bambi be stickin her nose up in da air and go hide in da closet and dont come down for all day, for two days. In da meantime, I is sittin right dere by da door. I can smell my new little baby sista in dere. I can hears her even tho she tryin ta be quiet.

She scared. And she cold. It was a verry cold night. Den Miss E, she lock us all in the spare room again and bring my little baby sista into her bedroom and put her carrier on da bed to keep her warm. I dint mind at all, but Ninja all grumpy and scrape him nunchuk claws at da door.

Nex morning Miss E comes in our room and forgets to close da dorr behine her and Ninja run to kitchen cuz him wants food. Miss E, she tryin' ta get Bambi outs of da closet, so I sneaks into her bedroom, jumps on da bed and sniffs my little baby sista. She not so scared, but she so lonesome. No more she is wif her other friends and she wonder why she alone. I tell her no worry. She gonna like it here.


Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Awwwww ... she looks adorable. More pics soon please!

Elizabeth Munroz said...

She is so cute, Spyder! No wonder you are so happy! What's her name?

Purrfect Haven said...

lucky little lass, we look forward to watching her settle in. Love Darcy and Bingley xx

Spyder Monkey Munroz said...

Thank Yoo, Darcy and Bingley!