Dec 11, 2010

Ninja and the Tasmanian Devil Kitten

Hi, Ninja here... We've had entirely too much going on around here. First Miss E brings home a kitten, then we find out the kitten is sick, then Spyder got sick, then our Queen, Bambi got sick. I don't believe I'll get sick. I will use my Ninja powers to keep well.

It's too bad I couldn't teach Spyder those methods, but he just doesn't pay attention. You know how it is when a cat is going through his teen age times. Right?

I was quite disgusted when Miss E brought that kitten home. I knew she was in that bathroom even though she never made a peep. I could hear her breathing, and of course, her kitten scent permeated my well trained ninja nose.

I decided to not be friends with the kit, but it has become unavoidable.

Even though I tell her in no uncertain terms, she totally ignores my growls, and insists on playing with my tail! I have to leave the room and everyone laughs at me, calling me a wuss, afraid of a kitten. Of course, it's not true. A ninja must maintain his honor!

Personally, I think I might be able to take her on as a willing apprentice. The only thing is, the kit is all thumbs! I kid you not. She's got thumbs!

Though her colors are not ninja colors. Her calico, tortie colors would give good camouflage. It might take a while to teach her how to control her Chi as she is all over the place. Good thing she has the three of us to chase and play with.

She is like a Tasmanian Devil! She never settles down!

And when she does, she thinks nothing of sleeping in our own personal spaces, even though she has her own special place. She sleeps there too. Plus, she evens sleeps on top of Miss E!

Sissy keeps referring to Miss E as Mommy. I guess the kit doesn't know any better. But, she gets confused when we say Miss E. So we have decided for all of us to call her Mommy.

I'm not going to be comfortable with it. After all, I'm too old for that! I think it would be more respectful if I call her Mama-san.

Once Spyder, and Bambi all get well, I think life around here is going to be quite a bit more interesting from now on!


Kea said...

Well, we think your "Tasmanian Devil" is adorable! And you weren't kidding about the "thumbs." Maybe Sissy will learn to open cans of stinky goodness for you all, with those "thumbs," thus eliminating one need for the human. ;-)

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

We heard about you from Milo and Alfie and have come by to say hello.

AFSS said...

Hi, My brother Whiskers had thumbs. He could open cabinets with them. It was really neat, he loved to hide in the bathroom cabinets on top of the clean towels. ~Socks

We are very happy to meet you. Socks is the Ninja cat in our household, he can hide in plain site. ~Artemisia, Scylla & our doggie Fenris

The Chair Speaks said...

Oh dear, something must have gone wrong; our comment did not appear in your previous post. We are trying again.

Milo and Alfie sent us over. We are following you.

A little about us - a much-loved chair with 7 abandoned and handicapped cat and their human.

Yes, a Ninja must maintain his honour.
We love your kid sister's thumbs. Cute!

Cory said...

Hi there, nice to meet you! Alfie and Milo sent us over to meow hello!

Purrfect Haven said...

totally can understand your point of view but a little kit with thumbs - how could that not be loved! You will always be top cat Ninja... but a team of cats can help out a lot. Love Darcy and Bingley xx

Angel Simba said...

Nice to meet you and Sissy! Sissy has interesting toes. I am sorry that some of your cat family got sick.

I came over from Alfie and Milo's blog to say hi! Blogging is lots of fun. Soon you will get to know everybody much better.


Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Reading this, I can't help worrying about what illness Sissy brought home from the shelter. Is all well?

Spyder, Sissy, Bambi and Ninja said...

Thakns for visiting us, Socks Artemisia, Scylla & Fenris ! Ninja is very glad to know yoo are a fellow ninja cat, and he's not the only one. That invisibility trick works quite well.

Spyder, Sissy, Bambi and Ninja said...

Nice to meet yoo, too. We went over and signed up to follow yoo!