Dec 29, 2010

Welcome Home Baby Sister

I was in da front window on guard and watching. When they got here, I was already to greet, but dey was carrying big things and being noisy so I slithered off to the laundry room to wait and see.

Mommy came in and saw me. I was mad at her and wouldn't let her love on me cos she took my little baby sister away. Next thing I know she puts me into the spare room! How do you like that? Then she put Ninja and Bambi in there wif me. We was shocked. That no way to greet us! So we lay down while they go in and out of house unloading car.

After a while, I listen at door and still I hear them bringing stuff inside from da car. I think ta myself it a good idea to be inside spare room ta keep us safe. She don't want us ta run away. Just before Mommy left the other day, we all went outside. We couldn't help it! Ninja pried open da door. And you know how tempting that is. Oh but we were so naughty to do that! We even went out past the Gazebo. So, no wonder Mommy put us in the spare room. I so sorry we do that cos then we has to have our paws all washed off of muddy stuff.

After Mom and X and The Lady brought in all the stuff, then let us out of the room and there was my little Sista coming outta her pink carrier! Oh boy, I was so happy ta see her! I loves her so much! I so glad she home now. I gonna let her beat me up as much as her wants!

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