Until one has loved an animal, part of the soul remains unawakened

Until one has loved an animal, part of the soul remains unawakened


Happy Cat Lady

Happy Cat Lady

Feb 28, 2010

Catnip Invasion!

The other day, Miss E went to San Jose. Before leaving she picked some fresh catnip from the garden for us. What a great way to party!

Soon, we saw a neighbor cat in our backyard. He said he smelled the nip and wondered if we'd share. He introduced himself by his cat soul name, White Paw, but his purrsons call him Mittens.

We have great gardens full of nip. Why not share it?  This way we can make furrends. Since we cannot go meowtside, we convinced White Paw to open the back gate. Our dear departed Jeffery had very good skills in such matters, and gave me instructions in case I ever had the opportunity. So White Paw, opened the back gate by jumping up, just so, and jiggling the latch as Jeffery described to me.

Then White Paw invited all the other neighbor cats to come in to enjoy our catnip. This way, youngsters and our honorable elders could come to our purrty. We sure know how to share, have fun and enjoy life!

However, we didn't plan well. We had a problem! We could only watch from the plate glass window as a stray dog invited himself in. Many of the cool cats scattered as best they could. It's kind of hard to do that when one is stoned, you know.

We were left to deal with the interloper.  He had the audacity, or perhaps stupidity to come over to our full size window where he was almost nose to nose with us before he realized we were staring holes through his skull. He couldn't move. I had him in my hypnotic power.

When the moment was right, Bambi threatened him with a vengeance. All she had to do was raise her dainty royal paw and it did the trick. It certainly intimidates me when she does that! I don’t think that dogg will ever be back!

Way to go, Bambi! She may be a tiny lady queen, but she sure is fierce and tough!

Please note: No animals were hurt in this encounter, and we promised Spyder we would get to know the doggie some other time under better circumstances when he's not invading our turf, if the opportunity should arise.

Feb 24, 2010

Caterwaling Creature Mystery Solved

I've heard that caterwauling sound all eight years of my life and never knew what it was!

You know what I mean? It always starts quietly enough, but it pierces my ears even when it's quiet. Then it increases! When I was a kitten, I was terrified, but my Sensei and my Roshi, taught me Zen techniques to be unafraid.

But, it has always been unsettling, even to them. They used to howl and yip like any other doggs whenever that caterwauling started. At least I didn't carry on like them. Sensei told me he was only imitating the sound as it might be a wild animal in crisis. He said if he responded in like quality, maybe it would be soothed. But, It never seemed to be responding to my sensei's dogg howl "soothing" method.

I could never imagine what kind of animal it might be.  My Purrsons always seemed to ignore it. Only one time can I remember when they got excited. That was when the horrible monster came really close to the house where I was living at the time. That was the loudest I ever heard it. They all ran outside to have a look, locking us inside. Sensei and Roshi were making such a racket, I just went and hid in a closet to meditate, so I never laid eyes on it, and I have always regretted it. What a mystery it has been all this time.

It's much worse when it gets loud, and it can get really LOUD! YOOOOOWWWWW! yeroowwww! YOOOOOWWWWW!

When it is loud like that, it goes right into the yarrow of my bones, and makes my fur feel creepier than a thousand fleas!

I have been told to "be quiet" whenever I've imitated the noise. Though, I must admit I can do a pretty good imitation! I'm sure you can tell by the awesome picture of me performing the noise.

It has always baffled me what kind of creature could make such a ruckus and get away with it all the time.

I had an amazing revelation the other day when Miss E took me to the vet. I finally learned what all the fuss has been about all these years! 

It's quite awesome actually. I haven't told Bambi and Spyder about it yet. I have a feeling they wouldn't believe me. But, when Miss E posts the pictures, they will see for themselves.

The mystery has been solved!

Feb 23, 2010


We have a friend who lives in Florida. His name is John Rahn and he loves kittehs as much as Miss E does. He is our guest author today. We don't have any pictures of the kitteh in his story to share, but we have some of his present kittehs. 

A neighbor's cat had a litter of kittens and there was one that was just amazingly beautiful. A 6-toed kitten with chocolate-point markings with very white toes and a distinctive, cat burglar-like mask across his nose and eyes. For weeks I kept teasing them about stealing that kitten.

As it turned out, they were moving and one day knocked on my door to tell me that they HAD to leave now, they couldn't find the kitten, and that if I find him, he's mine and to take good care of him. He had become an 'outside' cat.

Soon after they left he came walking up to my porch, looking for food, so I snatched him up and carried him into the house. With those markings, I immediately named him 'Bandit'.

I put him down on the floor and he, being so used to enjoying the outdoors for so long, FREAKED OUT in my house. He was literally climbing the walls, trying to get out. I chased him around trying to calm him down, trying to catch him, but he was VERY fast.

I decided to leave him alone and let him do what he had to do and went into the kitchen to wash some dishes. As I was standing there, I could hear him in the living room, running around and scratching on the walls from jumping, still freaking out.

Then all of a sudden it was quiet - except for the low, long, guttural "mmmrrrooowww" sounds of what sounded to me like 'a cat in trouble.'

I quickly dried off my hands and went in to the living room. There was Bandit, hanging upside-down from his hip bones, in the loop of the pull-chord for the vertical blinds.


I laughed a bit (I couldn't help it) and carefully eased him out of his upside-down noose.

From that moment on I was his buddy.

Feb 20, 2010

Not Cat Muscle

Yesterday Miss E took my loyal guardian, and companion, Ninja, to the veterinarian for his immunization. When they returned Ninja turned his back on us refusing to exit the carrier. That is so unlike him. Usually, he is quite speedy exiting cages. Spyder and I went and sniffed him. He certainly had a myriad assortment of odors on him. Once Miss E pulled him out, Ninja immediately went into seclusion. He would not look at us. We were quite concerned about his unusual behavior. Spyder repeatedly questioned Ninja, asking what was wrong. Ninja was in no mood to tolerate the annoyances of our young mankitty and scared him off with a hiss. Ninja knows better than to hiss at his Queen, so I remained with him.

Eventually, he said, he had terrible shame had lost "face". I could not comprehend the meaning of his statements until he explained. He had shame as he has done something unacceptable and offensive. He cannot hold his head up with pride anymore, and that's why it is called loosing face  He says it is a very serious condition in ninja codes. If he were an outside cat, he would have to go up in the mountains to live as a hermit never showing his face again. Poor Ninja, to believe thus!

I told him in no uncertain terms, as his Queen and Royal Highess, he owed his allegiance to me, first and foremost. Not to the foolish ancient ninja codes.

Even though they are very honorable, he needed to accept that his duty to me is greater than his old ways. I reminded him he has not lost face with me, nor Spyder. He looked so relieved and told me the reason why he felt so much shame. I could barely contain myself! So, I sent him off to get some comfort petting from Miss E.

Spyder came to me, properly bowed his head, kissed my nose and begged me to tell him what was wrong. I couldn't help but giggle slightly. "The fact is, my dear boycat, the vet told Miss E, Ninja was very overweight!

We had a very hard time controlling ourselves so Spyder and I jumped on the bed rolling around laughing.

Feb 19, 2010

Ninja and Needle

Ninja went ta see da Vet today. He had ta get his booster shot. I ask him what dat mean. Ninja say da Vet, he put a loong sharp needul in his haunch da last time he went for shot. It don't sound very good to me.

Queen Bambi say dat I had shots before. How can  I come home from shelter widout them? No, I can't. So I musta had dem shots. But, I don't 'member, and I so glad. 
Now I wonders if I gots ta have booster shot. Bambi tell me not ta worry, cos it will be a long long time before I gets them 'cos I already protected. I no feels very protected when Ninja growls at me and wont let me sit by him.

Her Highness, Bambi, she say maybe dat also why Miss E take Ninja ta Vet, (she say Vet-rin-air-ee-en is right way say it, but I don'ts know how spell it). She say maybe he going ta Vetrin-air guy cos he growl way big like panther and grumpy.

Ninja say him just showing off he is panther in disguise because he gots his super fine teefs and want me ta respect them, cos it take long time ta grow such handsome teeth. And him no wants me to cuddle up to him, cos he a ninja and I jus a little kid. I almost big as him, but I not so fat. Queen Bambi, she agree. She say Ninja have very impressive panther teef. She say dat good cos then that mean he will always be her good guardian and protect her.

Then quietly Mistress Bambi, she say maybe him don't feels good. Ninja wont tell us that, cos he a brave ninja cat and never complain, even if he sick or hurting.
Ninja say he no like cage where he go to visit Vetrin guy. But he NOT afraid of  big needul da Vet is gonna shoot him with. He say he had shot plenny of times over the years and it never hurt him. And he say he not sick, either. But, we wonder about that. Just like Bambi say, he never complain. But, he sure gets growlchy!!

Feb 17, 2010

Garden Pathway Fit for a Queen

Our lovely gentleman friend, The Monk, arrived this afternoon for a visit and tea. He did not bring any of that nasty sushi Ninja is so fond of. Thank heavens!

I was so surprised to see him, as were Ninja and Spyder. I thought he would be up in San Francisco with Miss E at the doctor. But, he drove all the way down here to check on us.

I understand that it is a long way according to Ninja who has been around longer than I. So, I must presume he knows what he is talking about. He's had so many adventures in his eight years.

I was delighted to learn The Monk brought us thirty cans of cat food! I prefer that to sushi as you know. Of course, he didn’t open them all. Ninja and Spyder were hoping for a big feast! Their eyes are bigger than their tummies. And that would be quite barbarian of them. I would not put up with it.

The Monk petted us, gave the fish their nutrients, then went out and performed some gardening.
It looks like he is going to make a royal pathway out there for me to walk upon. He is so thoughtful to think of my needs this way. I can hardly wait to see how the new garden will look when he is finished.

Feb 16, 2010

Attention, Please!

Every time that Miss E sits down at her computer, I know that I have her cornered.

This is the best time for me to come over to her for petting.

Sometimes she is an easy target. But, sometimes she is not.

Once she gets busy, she wont get up for a while. So, I just head over to the side of her chair and purr loudly so she will notice me.

If that doesn’t work, I meow at her in my most firm, Ninja voice.

If she cannot hear me, and this seems to be most of the time, I stand on my hind legs, pull on her belt, and poke her with my paw!

And again give a firm command.

Sometimes she is so focused that she still doesn’t notice, even if I use my mind-over-matter skills and penetrate her brain with thoughts of "pay attention to cat!"

Bambi thinks that is so impolite of me! But ya gotta do what ya gotta do in order to train a purrson properly. And I do want her attention! Sometimes I need to give her a karate chop.

If that doesn't work, I have resorted to what my ancestors would have done, and that is to bite her! Don't be shocked. Really, it is ever so gentle of a nudge with the sharp points of my teeth!

How could she possible ignore this technique? Usually by this time she picks me up and rewards me with the attention I deserve.

Feb 13, 2010

Sexy Valentine Kitty

Bambi is practicing up for Valentine's Day hoping to snag an interested Mancat by the name of Snookums she met on a Kitty Dating Service on the internet.

But Ninja says, "What about me??? I love you Bambi No other Mancat can take care of you the way I do. I even got a valentine for you that has a picture of you and me on it"

Will you be my Valentine, 
My Dear Queen Bambi?

Feb 12, 2010

Spyder's Imaginary Friend

I know what the kid is talking about. I can feel other energies. It is something my sensei taught me a long time ago during my ninja training. I am a bit rusty. So, I haven't felt the energies very strong. Though, we all keeping seeing something out of the corner of our eyes. Sometimes with my ability to use hound dog scent techniques, I can catch a whiff of faint cat. You know of course both of my teachers were dogs, so that is why I learned that secret method.

Queen Bambi seems a little nervous about the whole thing. Can't say I blame her. I try to calm
her down. But, she is a high strung royal pain in the furry behind. She goes to sulk in her boudoir a lot and doesn't come out except to watch the birds and eat.

Though, where eating is concerned, we are all wondering why there is a change in our eating opportunity. The big feeder has disappeared. We ate everything all gone, but we were surprised to see an empty space where our feeder use to be. It used to be that when we emptied it, or it was close to empty, it would be refilled.

We all wondered if the mysterious being, (as Spyder suggests is here) occupying this space with us had anything to do with it. Spyder insists that she wouldn't do such a thing. We thought he was too old for such a thing. But he seems to have an imaginary friend. We thought he was too old for such a thing. He hadn't said anything like this before.

Yet, Spyder says she has always been there. She likes to sit on the rocking chair, he says. I must admit though I have investigated the rocking chair, I have not cared to stay up there, and all I know is that there is a feeling of respect there for me, and an odd haunting energy. That is why I don't make myself at home there. Miss E has a thick cushion on it and soft blankets folded over it.

As appealing as it is, none of us bother to go there. It is almost like it has an invisible sheild around it. I can feel that much with my ninja powers.

Feb 10, 2010

Cats can see Apparitions

We've been having a lot of odd things happening lately.

Sometimes we see something out of the corner of our eyes. We look and nothing is there. What ever it was that we saw, has disappeared.

We know we are not imagining things. All of us can see these apparitions.
Spyder says that he has always seen them. He never mentioned it because he thought we all did. He said when he was very little, and first came to live with us, he thought it was another cat. He insists that she sat with him and gave him warmth when he was alone in the bathroom.

Miss E kept Spyder in the bathroom when he first arrived so that we could get used to his smell.

That was a good idea because when a new cat smell is in the house, we think of it as an intruder.

As a baby kitten, Spyder would have been scared if he were left alone with us big cats.

It's not that we've been seeing things only. Sometimes we hear another cat, or what sounds like another cat. But, it is not an outdoor kitty. Sometimes it is a faraway meow from way up high somewhere.

Occasionally, when we are all together on the bed sleeping peacefully with Miss E, we have heard a slight purring, but we have always thought it was one of us until recently when we heard the purring coming from right on top of her.

Now we smell a cat smell around the house. It is like the cat smell on the rocking chair.

None of us has ever sat on that rocking chair. It has always seemed like it was not for us to sit on, even though Miss. E has invited us to be there.

We are wondering what is going on!

Feb 8, 2010

Cat's Worry, too.

We all been quiet lately, cos Miss E keepin the computer busy takin' a writin' class. Dat wot Bambi and Ninja say I need to do. But, I thinks I writin much better these days. Don't yu?

Miss E usin the computer for all her writin so much, we can't use it for us. Not Fair! But, she not feeling too good lately, so we gonna let it slide.

But, she lyin' down right now, and I just quickly postin' cos we all are furried.

We been knowing wot happen in a far away place called Haiti, and we watchin  the news, but we never knows wot happen to all the cats that lives there. Is they Okay? Does anybuddy knows?

We found this LOL cheezburger cat that shows when some cats were rescued from floods. Now that's a very nice man purrson! We hope we never have floods or earthquakes, but if we do, we gots our chips under our furs, so we can be reyoonited with Miss E. I hope those two kittehs in the pitchur had chips. Ninja and Bambi has collars with tags, but I don't like mine and always takes it off.

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