Aug 10, 2014

Time to Wake Up

We were anxiously awaiting for CatMom to get out of bed.
Seemed like she had been resting all day!

I guess her working in the catnip garden with Queen Bambi yesterday tired her out!

I, Timmy da Scallywag (previously da Timid), stands in doorway and repeetedly gave my best “it's time get up” yowls! But she just snuggled deeper into her pillow!

Why she do dat? She not appreesheeate my singing talents??? Bambi sez nope. She sez it cuz my singing voice is too squeeky. How cheeky of her to say that... even if she is the queen! But, methinks might be troo!

Buffy gets to go lie down on CatMom's bed all da time. In fact that exactly where Buffy is ALL da time. She never move! She just one big lump of cat fur. Usually she not move. But when we came in to check on mommy dis meowning, Buffy gave us da Evil Eye and Low Growl!

But da Queen, she not put off by da stare down! Bambi, she got real sneaky! She slinked under the bed, then stood on her toes and nudged CatMom's hand which was hanging there just waitin' for it. But, Buffy wasn't about ta let us wake her up. Buffy ran right across Mom’s belly to challenge Bambi. Thwomph! Thwomph! Thwomph!

See what I means? Is dat not the Evilest Eyes you ever saw?
So, Guess what happened next?

We were, ALL three of us, put out of the room and the door shut in our faces! How could CatMom do that to her precious furbabies? Later she got up and finally tried to give us attention. But you can have the satisfaction of knowing, we were having none of that!

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The Island Cats said...

If that happened to us, we would scratch on the door until the mom had no choice but to get up!