Aug 14, 2014

Lost Cat Watsonville California. Please Help!

Reward for finding my odd eye white cat. Watsonville near Bridge Street off Bronte. Call 831-7869795 if you see him. Check your backyard and garage just in case he is injured. Tuesday morning Aug 12, I discovered that Timmy was missing!

I have a "cat flap" that leads from the laundry room to the garage. The cats like to go hang out in the garage climbing boxes and shelves and seeing who can be highest. Timmy was the king of the castle in there.

I can go out the garage back door to get into the back yard. I didn't realize the latch on the door was not all that secure. Apparently the last time I went through, the latch did not click.

There's a bird feeder out there. I know the cats always like to watch the birdies from the many windows in that door. So the temptation of going through that door when it was not properly latched would have been strong.

The fence to the neighbor on the right is within 5 feet. The neighbor in the back (20 feet?) feeds birds on her patio floor.

The temptation, I'm sure, might have been stronger than his fear. Unfortunately the next neighbor over had the carpet cleaners there that day. BIG NOISES! I imagine that's what scared him further away. There's also construction going on in the neighborhood.

I am going out of my mind with worry. I have leukemia and though my chemo pills keep the disease at bay, I have little stamina. I made flyers. I went door to door for about seven houses and talked to each person there. The heat got to me and I had to go home to rest.

That evening I went out with a neighbor and we were able to do a few more houses. But, it was still quite challenging for me. Today I have a doctor's appointment and need to save my energy to drive there and see her. I cannot live my life any other way, but to measure out how much energy I can use at a time.

I am wracking my brain trying to figure out ways to get him back. I've posted in all the Watsonville (California) Facebook groups about the situation and asked for help. I've been to the local shelter and filed a lost kitty report as well as posted flyers in English and Spanish. I've notified my local vet's office, dropped by another vet's office and gave them a flyer, too. Now, I'm posting this. Please share with others. Call me at 831-786-9795

Yes, Timmy has a micro-chip. He's neutered. Doesn't have a collar. He always chewed them off or got them caught in his teeth.

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