Aug 20, 2014

Is Microchipping Your Pet Useful?

A very interesting thing happened today. I got an email from "HomeAgain" which is where Timmy's microchip is registered. 

It just so happens that my membership with them has just expired. Thank heavens they reminded me. I had forgotten I can enlist them to help find TImmy. So, I paid my membership fee, and now have filed lost pet report. 

A friend of mine who also gets Home Again reminders told me she got an email today with Timmy's lost cat information on it. Cool! It really does do what they say they will do.

Now the only problem is, when I spoke to the vet, he said he doesn't check the microchips on all animals that come in to see him unless he thinks the story of the pet owner seems fishy. For heaven's sake! Timmy is such an unusual looking cat, I would think he would realize just by looking at him that he's one of a kind! 

Hopefully this will help others!

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