Aug 21, 2014

How to Call a Lost Cat

I went to Kinko's and had a hundred Lost Cat postcards made.While looking up all the addresses on the streets surrounding my neighborhood, and writing them onto the postcards, I played the recording of my voice calling Timmy.

 I had previously recorded my voice calling him, high pitched and loud on my cellphone. I had been playing it whenever I was able to walk the neighborhood this last week since he's been missing. A couple times when I was too unwell to walk, I drove around the neighborhood holding my cellphone out the window playing the recording.

 But last night while writing up the postcards for three hours, I set my cellphone alarm to go off constantly, so that my frantic calling "Timmy.. Timmy.. Where's Timmy?" went off every three minutes. I plugged it into a cube loudspeaker. It may seem a lazy way to do it. But, calling out loud as if I were at a sports event cheering on a player is exhausting even while driving through the neighborhood!!! Besides if he heard me while driving, it would be confusing as to where I was located.

So, I got almost all hundred postcards labeled and stamped and out to the mail. Last night was productive! I'm hoping that wherever Timmy is he could hear me. If not, then my neighbors got a "cat serenade" in a new way.

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