Sep 23, 2010

A New Kitten

Hi! Dis is Spyder!

I was sitting on my yellow pillow taday next to Miss E, when that little cell box starts playing that loud music, "Jump, Jump" Well, I dint feel like jumping. But, Miss E shut it up by opining da lid. It was the Monk was callin' He say he found a little calico kitten at da vet office in San Carlos where he deliver da Fedex boxis of medicines for pets. I knows Miss E and the Monk been looking for a Calico a long time, ebber since I can member. I don't knows dat I want another cat in did house. We gots enuff! Ninja agree wiff me. But, Queen Bambi, she say she LOVE kitten and want one badly so she can lick and kiss it and sleep wiff it in her Boudoir. And since dis one da Monk call about is a Calico, dat mean it gotta bee a widdle girl kitten and dat mean it gonna be Queen Bambi's Princess! If dat da case, den I shood be da Prince.

Miss E call up da Vet office in San Carlos. She was gonna drive so far far to go get dat calico kitten. But, when she talk to dem, dey tell her no, she cant's adopt da calico kitten cos dat kitten has a kitty cancer, called feline leukemia. Now dat is weerd dontcha fink. Here we is working on da LIVESTRONG event for cancer, and here is dis widdle girl calico kitten and she already gots cancer when she is a baby! Dat is so sad. Now I wish I dint say she couldn't live wiff us. And Ninja say we needs ta unnderstand dat some fings were meant to be and we cant knows da whole mysteries. All dat sound mix up to me. But, Bambi say she agree.

Don't I look spiffy sittin'g on my yellow pillow? I'm doing this to get ready for LIVESTRONG event on October 2. 

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Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Oh how very sad that the little Calico kitten has cancer ~ before she even has a chance at experiencing life. It's heart breaking.

I don't know much about feline leukemia ~ or what it would mean to look after and love a kitten with it. Surely she needs a home until her time comes anyway ~ or are they going to take care of her there at the vets? I hope they give her every chance of quality life for as long as possible.

Blessings to her.