Sep 19, 2010

Kitty Cat Purse

Dis is da ol friend of Keli Cat
Keli was the Dowager Queen who started dis blog.
Now Keli is our Guardian Angel Cat
Dis ol friend of Keli, her name is Cinnamon.
Her don't comes around ta see us.
But we know she sleept on Miss E's purse one time,
cos we founded da pitchur.
We made a LOL cat wiv it!


Anonymous said...

My kitteh is mad at Gucci, who has made some lovely purses for carrying little dogs, but none for the superior feline species. She says that she would be very content to see the town from the view afforded in such a mode of travel. In the meantime, she has to content herself with crawling into or onto my purse at home. Kathy and Athena

Queen Bambi said...

We totally understand and agree!