Sep 9, 2010

Cats Climb Walls as Well as Trees

Ninja always telling me he can climb walls, he can sneak acroos scary places, he can leap from low to high. He always tell me to teach me. But he never show me. But I still does pretty good on my flying to the top of the room lessons. It helps a lot if ya have a curtain or two ta claw into when ya gets there. Notice the tail curl on the side, there. Pretty good trick, I thinks!

But, I sure would lykes ta see Ninja does these kind of ninja cat tricks. I know if I get owtside, I might could do them. Ain't these guys cool cats???


Richard said...

Yep, cats are full of springs and things!

Jan said...

I guess that's where the term "Cat Burglar" came from! LOL!

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Milo and Alfie are thrilled yoo are joining us for LIVESTRONG Day by going yellow! See their blog tomorrow for FREE graphics (and see them wearing their bracelets with pride on the header pic!)
Please spread the word!