Sep 3, 2010

Cat Insectophilia

Royalty such as I should not have to face the common indignities as others. Yet, apparently it is unavoidable.

You know, of course, about my continued research in the field of entomology. I am quite the expert. I assure you. Even at my youthful age, I am more experienced than my two companions, Ninja, and Spyder. The younger is interested as a pastime. The elder couldn't be bothered.

Just the same my days and evenings, especially in these summer months revolve around observing my prey... I mean, potential specimens. We have a great variety of them in the lovely state of California along the Central Coast where my Kingdom lies.

Since my youth, before I learned of my royal position, I ran loose in the fields as an autodidacticist, learning the ways of all sorts of flying and crawling arthropods. Though I was never able to acquire much of a true collection since living outdoors gives no security for such.

Therefore when living here in my forever home with Miss E, imagine my delight in discovering I could maintain quite a large collection of dried specimens. All I had to do was wait in any window and they would come to me. For some reason they preferred the window high over the bathtub. It is a challenging leap for any cat, I'm sure and especially more-so for one of my dainty demeanor!

But, as an accomplished leaper and clever hanger-on-ner I am able to leap from the edge of the tub to the edge of the window. However there are slippery tiles there and I must catch my claws into the screen or I would miss my mark. Just the same the rewards are great and I have amassed a very large collection of dried bugs this year I have been here.

Imagine my horror when I discovered my dear Miss E hosing my stash, I mean, collection all down the drain, forever lost!!!

I am not speaking to her anymore! I am not going to lie await for her on top of her pillow anymore!

She doesn't deserve my keeping her bedsheets warm for her!

I'm not going to cuddle her anymore while she sleeps and hold her down so she doesn't float away!

Her armpit is comfy, and smells sufficiently rank, but I am not going to miss it!

You can read Miss E's posting on this in her blog HERE.

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