Oct 1, 2010

Disorganized Kitty Household

Hi Effurbuddy, It's me the greatest teenage cat, Spyder!

I say dat coz dat what Miss E call me when I play fetch mousies wiff her. Today playing anyfing was very hard ta do!

Yoo know why? Coz ebery fing is a mess aroun' here!

Miss E, she been changin' eberyfing aroun' here and we don’t know wot end is up! Ebery time we find a place to be comfy, she move it!

Miss E say she is organ-eyesing eberyfing. But, Queen Bambi say it is Diss-organ-eyes!

We was so grateful when Mrs. Helper cames ta visit! She work hard and between da both of dem, they make quick organ-eyes of everyfing that Miss E make a mess.

They move all da big plastic boxes outta da closet. Now I don't have no place ta hide! They move da table I lyke ta lay under right outta da house. I don't know whare it went!

And all da bookcases from all over da house now in da living room! Miss E say she gettin' rid of her books.

Bambi say dat a good fing, coz we can have shelves ta lay on instead of da books takin' up dat spaces. She say dats what them shelves is fur in the furst place!

I decided ta climb them book shelve, and did purrty good until I got stuck between da third and top shelf!! I shamed ta admit, Miss E had ta rescue me!!

1 comment:

Laurie said...

Tell that teenager that Miss E is makin space fur da nu books ;-)