Oct 11, 2010

Terror Under the Blankets

Bambi be clinging to Miss E all day. Last nite she crawl unnerneeth the cuvvers and snuggle down against Miss E's big warm body. Lucky Bambi! I wishes I could get meh nerve up ta do dat! But, I gets clawstrofobia. Dat what Ninja call it.

Bambi lyke ta spend a lotta time by herself. We always know to not bother her. But, we cants always tell when Bambi hiding unner da blankets. Den we walkin across da bed and accsidently walks rite ober her!

Dis morning Ninja was mindin him own business walkin cross da bed ta go get purry pets from Miss E and step on Queen Bambie tail. I fink it was her tail. She make growl. Ninja stop, look around. I watchin all dis and confuse with wonder. Why blanket made Bambi sound? So, I jump over der ta find out. BIG MISTAKE!!!

Da Bambi blanket let out one big scream and spittin and ebberyfing, and scare Ninja so much, he disappear. Poof! Jus lyke dat!

Then those cuvvers, dey all movin around. I fink dey wants ta play, so I attacks. Den, I know too late is Queen Bambi unner dere and she lyke a big exsploshun! She zip outside dose cuvvers and she let me have it!

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