Jan 3, 2013

Naughty Kitty on Time Out from Video Gaming

Hi effurrybuddy! It's me! Yah... ME! It be Timmy da Timid! Ya miss me? I knowed it! I missed ya too! Queen Bambi wouldn't let me online coz I was playin' too menny video games. I dunt know what she talkin' bout! I just be jumpin' up by da TV all da time ta see what's all dem things movin' round alla time! They sure is fassinating! Ya know? Acourse ya know. I betcha yoo been up dere doin' da same thing. Yeah? Uh huh. I knowed it true!

But Queen Bambi, she say I was disreespectfull coz then Mom cants see da TV. Why.. she dunt even watch da dang thing half da time. She just gots it on, Mom say, ta keep her company.

But, ya know... MY Mom gots ME ta keeps her company! And Buffy da Bampire Flayer ta keeps her company! And my baby brudder, Shadow, ta keeps her company! Oh yeah... and Her Royal (pain in the haunch) Highness, Queen Bambi ta keeps her company. Why Mom even needs dat TV anyhoo? I purrsonally think she turn da TV on so she can laugh when I runs up and jumps on dat box in front of da TV to bats at all da movin' things on da TV.

But, dats whut I wuz talkin' about. That's whut Bambi... I means Queen Bambi put me on Time Out fer. Coz I was jumpin' on the video box and making the TV pictures changing. She say I play too much video games. I keeps tellin' her I dunt. But she say I do and dats why I was on Time Out and I not "permitted" to write no nothing on da bloggie for so long. Basides, I broke da Halloween kitty jumpin' up there. I dint mean to! Reely I dint. Dat's when Bambi put me on Time Out and I canst write on no Bloggie.

That... plus... we had so much udder stuff goin' on too. My Uncle Ninja, he went off to da Rainbow Bridge. I misses him so much! But him was so sick. I glad he got to feel better and go run free again. And we gots them widdle baby kittens and I got to be their pretend Papa. Then, they gots all sick and had ta go away, and Pinky nevers came back! I misses Pinky, too! And Mom cride so much about Pinky alla time. Bambi tell me it okay coz Pinky dint go to da bridge, but got dopted and a new furrever home after him got healthy again.

But, Shadow... MY Shadow... MY baby! Shadow... He come back home! Oh, him was so nervus and sad. All I could do was hugs him and licks him and purrs all over him and make him feel all happy again. Now he growin' up so fast. Queen Bambi, she say dat Shadow is 8 months old now and him still a baby. Him da biggest baby cat I ever did see! Him is as long as ME right now and I is a big boy cat. I mean mancat.

Bambi say I not "mature" enuff ta call myself a mancat. I dunt know. I kinda like still being a boycat. Mom still swoop me up and cuddle me like a boy cat. I think she not do that if she think I mature like my old mancat, Uncle Ninja. May him rest in peace.

Why they say that? Rest in peace? Huh? I wonnder. Him not resting as I unnerstands it. Him off running free on da udder side of da Rainbow Bridge. And mebbe even him going ta run right off into him next life like Queen Bambi say. If dat how it is, then him not resting at all. Cuz kittens, them moves around a lot!

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