Jan 14, 2013

Caged Cats

Hey there! Hi there! Hi-dee-ho there! It's me! Timmy da Timid1 Guess whut? Queen Bamibi has made me "Lord of da Manor!" Ain't that the coolest thing ya ever heard? I not sure whut dat means, yet. She gonna tell me more. She say since Ninja gone, she need me to step up and take on my royal duties to her majesty. I can hardly waits to find out whut she means.

We been having lots of changes with our new kitty in da house. Let me tell ya how dat is going. Ya see, Shadow allus gets fed inside the kitty cage where he lived when he first came ta live wif us. Dats coz we not allowed ta eat his baby food. But, Mom forgot to close da cage door da udder day, so Buffy and I gots to look around inside.

Checking out the feeding area!

We been waitin' pashuntly for our new Queen ta make her akwaintance and finally Mom brot her outta her "confinement". Her was not happy 'bout it and her screeched at Shadow who dint know no better than to walk right up ta her and stick his nose at her! I barely got a look at her and decided to go hide away.

Queen Bambi made it quite clears what her thought of it when Mom brought the new Queen out to be in da cage for a while.

Bambi shows her displeasure!
Mom did dat for two days. Then, because it been so cold ouside in the freezing air in da house, her brought the new Queen into the cage to stay overnight in da living room. Mom wrapped it up in a blanket so we can't bother her and her can feel safe and warm, sez Mom. Da new Queen, she like dat, and don't screech at us no more.

First appearance of the New Queen!


GTnCo said...

New queen looks pretty! Hope you all can get along soon

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

So pretty xx

Timmy da Timid said...

Yes, her is pretty. But her sure don't likes Shadow. Her pretty mean ta him!

Queen Bambi said...

And she is very tiny for a grown lady cat! Only 6 pounds!