Jan 16, 2013

Princess Tootsie Wild Kitty

So far the "New Queen" is not acting very friendly.

We had hoped she and Bambi wood be the best of friends, both being Queens and all.

Bambi say that Tootsie (that's her new name) is more like a spoiled Princess.

And for some reason, that's what Mom calls her too. At least. that's what I herd her tell The Monk.

She told the Vet her name is Princess Tootsie. So I guesses, Queen Bambi is right.

But me, Buffy and Shadow likes to call her just plain Tootsie.

We knows why Bambi don't like Tootsie. It was when Mom did the changeover. We all get to change rooms so Tootsie can get used to her new home and to smell us everywhere and know we live here too and not strangers.

The other day Princess Tootsie gotted out the cage real fast under Mom's legs and first thing she did was go after Bambi a growling and a screaming.

I never see fat old Bambi run so fast! They was all over the place.

Mom was able to stands between them when they stopped for a breath taking time.

She very brave! She pick up Tootsie like she was a precious sumpin' or other and carry her into da back room... our kitty room, and shut the door.

Then she go into the kitchen and pick up all the stuff that gotted throwed all over the floor.

Bambi has very hurt feelings cuz while they was running and screaming like Banshees, they pull down the royal red carpet and Bambi's special Queen bed off the dryer where Bambi get all warm all the time.

She say that her private sauna. And she say Tootsie dessa-crated her private sauna and queen bed. But, really, we thinks both of them did that.

While Tootsie was in the back room we all took a turn to investigate the cage. Maybe she like us more if she smell us more.

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