Dec 28, 2012

The Day After Chris Mouse

I must say, I'm a bit miffed! How could she leave us alone for three days? How dare she? The Queen is not happy!!!

On the other paw... she did leave us well supplied with Nepeta Cataria You know the delicacy... the beautiful green with the fragrance of heaven.

Ah.... Yes, indeed!

And she left us with fresh litter to make our toilette sweet and tolerable... you know the stuff. Of course, you do. And lots of clean water and nibblets galore.

And in the middle of the night The Chris Mouse came to visit and gave me my birthday present!!!
I'm now the age of... Well, never mind! A lady cat never reveals her age. Well, at least... not this one.

So, now she is home and we cuddle in bed while she sleeps