Jul 29, 2011

Kitty Cat Tea Party

The Royal Tea Party was a success! The table was set with all our favorite pieces.

The table cloth was hand embroidered by Grandma Deane. Notice the lovely kittens!

You will notice our favorite tea pot was in attendance, flanked by her two blue kitty creamers. As everyone knows, you never can have enough cream in your catnip tea!

We each chose our own favorite tea cups to adorn the table.

And as you can see, CATNIP, fresh from the garden!!!

Timmy, the Timid. was first to inspect the delights of our table, but as you will soon learn, the poor boy does not have the nose, nor the palate to have a gourmand's appreciation of catnip, neither straight, dried, nor as liquid refreshment.

He is strange that way. Don't you think?

Whoever heard of a cat that does not enjoy partaking of catnip, especially when fresh from one's own garden?

Nor, because of his awkward shyness, did he care to partake of our company.

A travesty, I say! Oh, what a queen has to put up with these days! Our youth have no manners!

Therefore he left the tea party early and took his cream privately as he is wont to do. Poor boy!

Perhaps, being a gangly boy cat, he is too young for such goings on.

Though you would never know he is still a kit from the size of him!

He towers over us all! We are sure you can tell just by looking at the picture. Yes?

As he grows older and gains some social graces, we are quite sure he will develop into a quality gentlemanly cat of breeding.

Needless to say, it was just the three of us attending the festivities.

My Liege, the dark and handsome, Ninja, there on the left in the picture.

Our little Princess Buffy, the Bampire Flayer, on the right.

She is growing up so fast. Don't you think? Hardly a kitten anymore. And such good manners. Just look at her dainty little cup. She took such lady like little sips

And of course, your Royal Highness, Moi.


Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Oh my goodness what a fabulous tea party! Earl Grey with just a dash of milk please!
And for Milo and Alfie, cat mint tea!

J xx

Jans Funny Farm said...

A catnip tea party? Oh, that sounds like such fun.

My, what a red tongue you have. :)

Queen Bambi said...

I have a red tongue? That's coz catnip tea makes moi feel so warm and fuzzy!

Bambi, Buffy, Ninja and Timmy said...

Milo and Alfie, How about you have a tea party, too? As for your Mom, she can have her Earl Grey, but she will never know what's she is missing if she never tries Catnip tea!

The Chair Speaks said...

Oooo, a royal tea party!

Marci Geise said...

Beautiful tea set and tablecloth! Even more beautiful are the kitties! Very cute post.

Timmy, Buffy, Ninja and Bambi said...

Thank you, Marci. We so glad yoo preesheeates us!