Jul 5, 2011

The British Are Coming! The British Are Coming!

Queen Bambi has just learned that her illustrious royal cousins, Prince William and his lovely wife are presently visiting Canada and will soon be heading down to the great state of California, where we live.

Queen Bambi is very excited about this and looking forward to having our cousins dropping by for tea.

I am concerned for my Queen's sake. She was so disappointed when they didn't invite her to their big shebang, their wedding. And I hope they will deign to have tea with her. You know how sensitive my Queen is. I don't want her feelings hurt if they don't show up!

I just wish I had connections to make sure such an arrangement could be made. Otherwise this coming week could be disastrous, not only for Queen Bambi but for all of us.

We have had quite a time soothing her from the ravages of all the fireworks that were "bursting in air" the last two days. She finally ran up into the closet and hid herself in my army tent. Needless to say I spent an uncomfortable night without the comfort of my own cot.

Don't purrsons know that those loud noises hurt our ears and shock us? You should have seen the birds yesterday in the midst of all the racket. They were not nesting quietly in their trees, but flying around very disturbed squeaking and squawking their terror. They haven't yet come to the bird feeders yet today, either.


The Chair Speaks said...

Well, you've friends like us to visit you.
We love how you put your legs up to sleep. :)

Queen Bambi said...

Thank you, kindly, Chair. We are feeling better. Though we are embarrassed to have been seen like that, I know you understand my distress. Sleeping like that with my legs turned around is most comforting.

Cat said...

Those pink pads look delicious!!! Glad that peace is restored to the land and cats can emerge from hiding and resume their normal activities :-)

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

How sad that even the birds are disturbed ~ fireworks are a a nuicance.

Marci Geise said...

Great photo!

Timmy, Buffy, Ninja and Bambi said...

Thank you, Marci