Aug 25, 2009

Calico Earth Cat

It took me until quite late last night to complete the Spirit side of the poster. So, I slept in this morning. Awoke feeling very tired. It took me the better part of the day to pull myself together. I was very distracted and kept focusing on many other things instead of my purpose. I kept working on this and getting up and doing other things and forcing myself to go back and sit down. In the meantime the kitten was paying attention to everything I was doing. Bambi wanders around the house making purmeow sounds... a mama cat calling her kitten. Then, Spyder goes to her and she stops.

The pictures I put on this side of the poster represent her earthly personality. The activities of her life. In a few of the pictures, I believe there is also a surreal quality that shows through. On the bottom left she holds a typical Goddess Bastet pose and if you look carefully, you will notice aura of light above her head. In the picture right beside it, again you can see a light above her head. In the upper left is a profile picture with a colored aura. So, even though this is her earthly side, she had a spirit side of her that shown throw. and because of that, I created the picture of her in the center so that a third eye was part of it. She always seemed to have a quiet dignity about her at times. She could be typical kitty cat, and all knowing guru cat, both.

I was hoping to go over the hill and give this to Kats so he could ship it overnight, but he couldn't. He suggested I bring it over the next day, but I have a doctor's appointment. Not possible. So I will just drive up to San Francisco to Xavier's house and deliver it myself. It already means a great deal to me that I do this. I've accomplished something in regards to Keli. I don't know what it is yet, but something.

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