Until one has loved an animal, part of the soul remains unawakened

Until one has loved an animal, part of the soul remains unawakened


Happy Cat Lady

Happy Cat Lady

Oct 27, 2010

Cat Appreciation Day

Today is Cat Appreciation Day according to Arm and Hammer. They make cat litter. And we sure appreciate them!

Oct 18, 2010

Ninja's Ninth Birthday Today!!!

Ninja Panther Moonrose Cat is depressed!!!

How can that be?

It's his birthday.

As Queen, I told him he must deport himself in a manner proper for my Guard and main Royal Advisor. He didn't smile, didn't straighten up, didn't purr. But, he did put on a brave Ninja face.

He refused at first to tell me what's wrong. Why in the world is he depressed on his birthday. Finally, he swallowed his pride and confessed that he didn't consider another year older to be to his advantage. In fact, his retirement from his younger, lithe, muscular, martial artist days are over. He feels therefore his life is over.

He feels he's lost his value as a mancat. He said, even though he knew better, there is an old superstition that a cat's nine lives are up when he becomes nine years old!

I told him in no uncertain terms to straighten up and fly right. Suddenly he laughed and told me he would not be doing any ninja flying techniques ever again.

But, his laugh was light-hearted, and more accepting of himself and his situation.

"After all, Queen Bambi," he said to me,  I'm happy to have my forever home and not be in that shelter where my previous people had left me."

I told him I was happy he was here, too.

"And best of all, I am happy to be here living with you and Spyder."

I gave him a nose kiss for that thoughtful remark and wished him a happy ninth birthday.

Oct 11, 2010

Terror Under the Blankets

Bambi be clinging to Miss E all day. Last nite she crawl unnerneeth the cuvvers and snuggle down against Miss E's big warm body. Lucky Bambi! I wishes I could get meh nerve up ta do dat! But, I gets clawstrofobia. Dat what Ninja call it.

Bambi lyke ta spend a lotta time by herself. We always know to not bother her. But, we cants always tell when Bambi hiding unner da blankets. Den we walkin across da bed and accsidently walks rite ober her!

Dis morning Ninja was mindin him own business walkin cross da bed ta go get purry pets from Miss E and step on Queen Bambie tail. I fink it was her tail. She make growl. Ninja stop, look around. I watchin all dis and confuse with wonder. Why blanket made Bambi sound? So, I jump over der ta find out. BIG MISTAKE!!!

Da Bambi blanket let out one big scream and spittin and ebberyfing, and scare Ninja so much, he disappear. Poof! Jus lyke dat!

Then those cuvvers, dey all movin around. I fink dey wants ta play, so I attacks. Den, I know too late is Queen Bambi unner dere and she lyke a big exsploshun! She zip outside dose cuvvers and she let me have it!

Oct 7, 2010

Abyssinian Cat

Dis Abyssinian kitteh onced lived here with Miss E.

Her name is Boo Boo.

Her was da kitteh of Miss E's Mommy.

Her a purrty cat. Yes?

Oct 2, 2010

How Cats Live Strong

Ninja tell me ta be serious and think about Live Strong!

Queen Bambi say I gots ta purray fur Live Strong!

What YOO gonna do about LiveStrong Day?

Go see our friend's Milo and Alfie's blog ta finds wot they doin.
They gots effurrybody else's LiveStrong links there, too!
This is emportant! Do it fur me. Huh?

Oct 1, 2010

Disorganized Kitty Household

Hi Effurbuddy, It's me the greatest teenage cat, Spyder!

I say dat coz dat what Miss E call me when I play fetch mousies wiff her. Today playing anyfing was very hard ta do!

Yoo know why? Coz ebery fing is a mess aroun' here!

Miss E, she been changin' eberyfing aroun' here and we don’t know wot end is up! Ebery time we find a place to be comfy, she move it!

Miss E say she is organ-eyesing eberyfing. But, Queen Bambi say it is Diss-organ-eyes!

We was so grateful when Mrs. Helper cames ta visit! She work hard and between da both of dem, they make quick organ-eyes of everyfing that Miss E make a mess.

They move all da big plastic boxes outta da closet. Now I don't have no place ta hide! They move da table I lyke ta lay under right outta da house. I don't know whare it went!

And all da bookcases from all over da house now in da living room! Miss E say she gettin' rid of her books.

Bambi say dat a good fing, coz we can have shelves ta lay on instead of da books takin' up dat spaces. She say dats what them shelves is fur in the furst place!

I decided ta climb them book shelve, and did purrty good until I got stuck between da third and top shelf!! I shamed ta admit, Miss E had ta rescue me!!