Until one has loved an animal, part of the soul remains unawakened

Until one has loved an animal, part of the soul remains unawakened


Happy Cat Lady

Happy Cat Lady

Dec 5, 1989

Gypsy with a Corset

My Mama, Gypsy, told us to be good little kittens and wait for her. It was hard to be good with her gone. The last time she came back and smelled so funny. And now, Mama had to go to the vet again coz she is bleeding from her incision.

She has been chewing on her stitches. She says she can't help it. Mama is still letting us kittens nurse on her. But we think it might hurt now, even though we try to be careful. Now she is bleeding and we are worried about our Mama, Gypsy. When she came back, the vet had put a taped on "corset" around her belly.

Nov 19, 1989

Cat Allergy

Taking Gypsy to the vet soon to have her spayed, as the kittens are pretty much weaned.

Keli was first to wean herself. Amazing because she has always been so little and has never caught up on the size of the other kittens

Gypsy is so allergic to fleas she has eaten the fur right off her legs.

Telephone Cat

Martin Wilcox called. His sister is the very same woman who adopted Mickey, my Birman cat, from me last year at this time. We had a nice talk, though Keli kept meowing at me trying to get my attention.

He thanked me for saving his life when he was so depressed. We met in a bookstore. Both of us looking at psychology books, and began a conversation. It wasn't long before I understood what he was contemplating. He wasn't concerned about himself. Thought he would leave his family better off. I didn't try to appeal to his emotions, but discussed all the legal issues with him, instead. It would leave his family penniless. Insurance wouldn't pay if he went through with what he was thinking.

Keli climbed up my pant legs when we were talking and sat on my lap purring the whole time.

I was glad to hear he was feeling better. He'd bought some of the books we talked about, plus got some help.

As soon as he hung up she jumped down. It's almost like she knew.  ...Odd!

Nov 16, 1989

Cat Snow Dance



I was very late in picking up X from school.

The traffic was the worst I have ever seen. The roads not plowed.

When we got home, even though I stomped them clean, Magic tried to lick the snow off my shoes.

The wind came through the door as we entered. Keli pranced around as though she was dancing.

Nov 14, 1989

Vet Visit

Took cats to the vet today.

They were surprised to learn that Magic has taken over mothering duties. He jumps into the box with the kittens the minute Gypsy leaves it. He washes them and nuzzles them. And, would you believe? He lets them nurse upon his nipples!

Well, he is the Papa after all!

Nov 6, 1989

Chlorine Kitty

Went to Jordan YMCA today and joined the arthritis swim class.
MWF 1:30 pm.

Just exactly what I need!

It was odd. When I came home with the smell of chlorine in my damp hair, Keli went nuts standing on my shoulder, sniffing my hair, trying to chew on it.

Can't figure out why she would do that!!

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Oct 31, 1989

Halloween Cats

Dressed as a witch for Halloween. Put a cape and babushka on X so he looked like one too. We stood on the porch with all seven pumpkins lit up and had fun handing out treats

Bobby cat joined us. Rusty Tom came by and I locked him in the cellar with food so no weirdo's would harm him.

Took X trick or treating later. He was recalcitrant to be seen in a witch costume. We met some dudes in the alley who laughed at what they thought were two old ladies.

Oct 28, 1989

And the Winner Is...

Went to cat show with Kathryn where she showed Pat's cat, Lasagna who won some ribbons. Took Xavier with me and we walked around and looked at all the different breeds in their cages, but didn't watch much of the show part.

I loved looking at the domestic pet cats that were there and fantasizing that my cats could do as well winning ribbons. Magic, yes, for sure. He is so graceful and has such a good sleek body. He's a classic. Gypsy... well maybe not. Shes such a chunk of muscle. If she were a person she would be called dowdy.

Darling Clementine, Keli, for sure would be a winner!

Oct 27, 1989

Bird Cats

Bought a bag of birdseed to feed the birds. I had run out and was concerned they wouldn't have enough to eat. Especially the big blue jay that comes by.

I scattered the seed around on my porch. The cats watched through the window as if they hadn't seen birds before.

Oct 21, 1989

Stranger Cat

October 21

A strange cat came on the porch, very large Calico (could be some relative of Keli's).

Bobby cat tried to warn her away. I went out on the porch to intervene. Gypsy shot out between my legs, ignoring Bobby and headed for the stranger cat. It's funny how she fought the other cat by laying down and fighting upwards and furiously scratching strange cat's belly with her claws. The other cat just seemed to not know what to do.

I pulled myself together enough to yell at Bypsy and she slunk back inside, tal all busy.

Rusty Tom, in the meantime had come running and finished shooing away Strange Cat.

The kittens, though not nearby to the scene of action were all freaked out.

Oct 19, 1989

Snow Cats

SNOW TODAY! First time in history... 7 inches. My Bones feel it.

I'm bummed out because I can't enjoy the beauty of it. Mad at myself for not appreciating it. But pain gets in the way.

It's funny, how the cats all jump up on the windowsill to look at it. If I had the energy I would open the door to see if they would go out in it.

Oct 11, 1989

Kitty Pneumonia

I've been not well again and then this morning awoke today to discover that Keli had a serious lung problem. She probably aspirated the flea spray that B put on her last night.

Then when I asked him about it he admits to not covering the kittens heads like I told him to. Why can't he just do things the way I say or at least offer up his objections face to face like a man. Instead he goes behind my back and does it his own way, without respecting that I know about these things.

The rebellous child gets even with mommy for being sick so much and needing his help. Why does he have to act this way. Like he has a secret grudge to get even at the expense of helpless kittens.

I took Keli to the vet and he gave her a shot and some penicillin to prevent pneumonia. I was pretty worried about her all day. She kept "standing up" on her haunches, and couldn't tolerate lying down. She wouldn't nurse or eat or drink. And she was shaky from standing so long. I put her in the bathroom with steam, and kept watching how she was doing, and comforting her. I kept rubbing and lightly thumping on her chest between her arms. She seemed to like that as she kept raising her chest up higher and higher, and her rasping became less. By late pm she wanted to come out to play.

I'm so glad she's better

Oct 10, 1989

Oct 9, 1989

Moon Kitty

Caught a glimpse of the moon through clouds and was struck with angst, pathos, pain and loneliness.

Oh, Moon, Moon! Does your light glow to remind me of who I am? How will I find myself again?

But the pain of my loss is intolerable to bear.

Keli Kitten wound herself around my ankles, but went away when I started to cry hard.

Oct 7, 1989

Neck Wrap Kitten

Felt ambitious so I cleaned garage, weeded backyard, went to have car checked, stopped at a yard sale. Got home, cleaned house some, went down cellar and threw dirty clothes in the washer. Potted some plants and placed them on the new shelves.

At the end of such a day, I am exhausted and wonder why I did so much. I should be resting.

Keli cat is a love. She lies on my neck while I read. I think I should spend more time doing this instead of wearing myself out. Maybe she would like that too.

Oct 4, 1989

Kitten Comfort

Spent the morning sleeping off the mophine. I was in such pain. Feeling less dizzy by noon.

Kelly kitten slept with me on my neck. Does she know I'm in pain? Does she want to comfort me? No, She is too young to have a concept of theis. But, she is endearing herself to me quickly. And I feel comforted by her.

Oct 3, 1989

Cat Sniffs Blood

Surgery on my lower rib cage on right side of back for lump.

They couldn't get it to stop bleeding. Took hour and half.

I am in such unbeliable pain for having a simple lump removed. Must be all the blood gathering under my skin. The bruising is now spread all up and down my back.

Gyspy keeps jumping up on the bed and sniffing me.

Oct 2, 1989

Midnite Burial

Yesterday we ran around doing errands all day long. Didn't get back until very late. X and I discoverd that the little black stray outdoor cat that we've been feeding was dead in the alley.

We buried him at midnite. Now, the neighbors must be sure we are doing satanic rites burying a dead black cat at midnite. Yikes.

Sep 27, 1989

Wild Magic

Magic is all wild today. Maybe he missed us being gone all day yesterday? Or is something else wrong. Can't seem to calm him down. Meowing and crying a lot, pet him and he goes to the door. But, when opening door for him, he wouldn't go out.

We had gone to Turkey Run State Park, and got lost on the way. We never found the waterfall we had been looking for and took all day to get back home. A

Sep 23, 1989

Magic Window

Saturday, Sept 23

Took X to doctor to have stitches taken out. He wanted to keep using his brace for a while, and doctor said not necessary, but agreed. Then we managed to forget the brace anyhow. Went to store to pick up a few things and give X some freedom to walk. His incision bled. Maybe he should have kept the brace on after all. Doctor was wrong. It still needed protection.

Big winds last night knocked down a lot of birch branches, so we had another ritual tonight. Magic watched from window but wouldn't come out.

Sep 22, 1989

Equinox with Magic

Friday, September 22

Began an indoor ritual with X. Used`bright colored candles of his choice. Had him write a equinox wish and burn it in cauldron. (He wants a girlfriend). Gypsy kept jumping up and walking around the burning candles, just like her sister, Raven used to do. I kept putting her down but she kept coming back

About 8:30 got him to bed and went outside and totally blessed and protected the house yard and garage from intrusion by entities, usuing incense all over. Lit an equinox fire and burned birch branches from front yard. Magic followed me around. Guess both the cats have their own special interests in Equinox

After all the ill health and surgeries for both me and X we need things to change around here.

Sep 9, 1989

Lightning Cats

Saturday Sept 9

Big rains today. X was afraid to do dishes during the lightning.

KK called, said she was standing in Kit. and her LR filled with lightning. I don't doubit it one bit. I think it is called Ball Lightning the way she described it.

Gypsy meowed a bit whenever the thunder hit. Magic sat in the window watching the flashes, as though he thought to catch some, he would put his paw up once in a while in anticipation.

Aug 30, 1989

No Sleep for the Wicked

Sunday August 30

Gypsy punished us all night by pouncing HARD across our bodies.

Several times, she sat hard on me.

Aug 29, 1989

Flea Guilt

Tues Aug 29

Went to Osco and picked up very much needed supplies for house and cats. The Vet had pointed out how urgent it was when we took Magic to the vet for de-fleaing. He had a bad case. Then later went over to KK's to put ear mite medicine in Moonlight's ears and give her some stool softener.

This evening we de-fleaed Gypsy. I thought it too early after the birthing, but Vet insisted it is okay. Took her into the bathroom and powdered her three times over. She was very unhappy about it, as I had been bathing her kittens in the kitchen sink, and she was already upset about that.

I felt so sorry that we had to put her through this. But, they were just so INFESTED! It happened so fast, like overnight!

Beardsley, the gray one with the little white beard. He seems to have lost his umbilical cord in the bath. He bled. I feel so bad that I have brought this suffering upon them. It just breaks my heart.

Aug 27, 1989

Miracle Birth

Sunday, Aug 27

Dead kitten in womb is not dead!!!

It's born and it's a calico! Just like I dreamed!

I had planned on naming her Clementine because that song keeps going through my head. "Oh my Darling, Clementine". But, I think I will name her after the vet who gave Gypsy the pitocin shot to expel the "dead kitten", he said.

Unwittingly, he saved her life (and Gypsy's). I don't recall his name, Dr. Madison or something. I think. I will have to call on Monday to ask.

Aug 26, 1989

Mama Alone

Saturday Aug 26

3 kittens are born while I am away from home. 2 black one gray

I hadn't seen any signs. She sure had them fast.