Oct 11, 1989

Kitty Pneumonia

I've been not well again and then this morning awoke today to discover that Keli had a serious lung problem. She probably aspirated the flea spray that B put on her last night.

Then when I asked him about it he admits to not covering the kittens heads like I told him to. Why can't he just do things the way I say or at least offer up his objections face to face like a man. Instead he goes behind my back and does it his own way, without respecting that I know about these things.

The rebellous child gets even with mommy for being sick so much and needing his help. Why does he have to act this way. Like he has a secret grudge to get even at the expense of helpless kittens.

I took Keli to the vet and he gave her a shot and some penicillin to prevent pneumonia. I was pretty worried about her all day. She kept "standing up" on her haunches, and couldn't tolerate lying down. She wouldn't nurse or eat or drink. And she was shaky from standing so long. I put her in the bathroom with steam, and kept watching how she was doing, and comforting her. I kept rubbing and lightly thumping on her chest between her arms. She seemed to like that as she kept raising her chest up higher and higher, and her rasping became less. By late pm she wanted to come out to play.

I'm so glad she's better

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