Jan 14, 2014

A Queen's Preogative

I really got annoyed with my momcat last night. First, she didn't give me fresh water, just that old stale stuff from yesterday.

Then, I really wanted canned food. I like the dry food, but my tummy wanted the soft stuff, and no matter how much I MEOWED and YEOWLED, she just pretended she didn't know what I was talking about. I ended up having to eat the dry stuff! And she put it in that glass again. She says so I will not eat so fast. She says so I will lose weight! How insulting momcat is!

THAT is no way to treat the Queen of the land! If I had any other servants besides her, I would be able to get my point across more quickly.

As it was, I was quite disappointed. She tries, but she is an idiot. How many times do I have to say, "fresh water" before she gets the hint?

I have repeated it and repeated it over and over again, and she just turns a deaf ear! Then, she is pouty when she picks me up and I don't want to be held.

If she can't do what I want, why should I be nice to her? Okay, so I'm being very grouchy today. But what is a royal purrsonage to do? I am going to go lie on the bed and look beautiful as usual.

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