Dec 27, 2013

Lion Pillow Bed Fit for a Prince

We have been playing Musical Beds, challenging each other constantly.

Timmy has a round pillow bed (with a Lion head!) that he curls up on. CatMom and Kats bought it for him for Christmas.
I understand why. Every one of us has our own special bed, but Timmy only had the space on top of the fish tank to call his own. Though it is warm, it has no softy-ness!

Still... I know the lion pillow is really Timmy's special bed. But, as the Queen, I should have had first dibs on it!

At first, we were all over it every chance we got. Shadow sniffed it up one side and down the other. I've tried it out a number of times. As long as Timmy was asleep somewhere else, we got away with it. Why he doesn't just sleep on it all the time, now that he has it? I haven't figured out!

But Buffy gets nervous if Timmy just opens his eyes. She flies!! It's not that she's scared of him. She's just a flighty cat! Silly Girl!

But, not me! I stand my ground until Timmy gets up to chase me! Then I slip away under the bed and wait! And I come out later when he isn't looking.

Though, now I have been able to sneak up on him and lie down beside him when he is on his lion pillow bed. So, maybe, just maybe, he will relinquish it to me soon.

Maybe if I dub him Prince, he will do the honorable thing and move on over to make room for Her Royal Highness... Me! Looks like I have a chance. See how he's reaching out to me as if to welcome me?


The Chair Speaks said...

We love Timmy's awesome lion bed! Purrs and hugs from all of us!

Elizabeth Munroz said...

Oh... Thank you... very much!!!
Purrs and head bumps!
Queen Bambi

Seville at Nerissa's Life said...

Hey there! So very nice to meet you.


Elizabeth Munroz said...

Aw... Thank you Nissy! It's nice to meet you, too. Drop by anytime.
HRH Queen Bambi

Just Ducky said...

Happy Calendar Cat Day to Miss Keli.

Elizabeth Munroz said...

Why, Thank you very much! How thoughtful!