Jan 13, 2011

Stormy Weather

We had a tremendous thunderstorm the other night. Mind you... we do NOT get thunder and lightning with our rain around here. *sigh... I miss it* But, it was a HUMDINGER! I was in seventh heaven. I had the bedroom window open a bit so I could hear better. But, then. All of a sudden...a flash of lightning and BOOOOOOM! BOOOM! BOOOOOOM!

It shook the house! Just for second I wondered if we might have had an earthquake at the same time as thunder. Then I thought for sure a tree in the backyard had been hit by lightning.

Buffy, my youngest kitty, had been asleep in her little kitty tent on top of the armoire in the corner next to the window. That little girl FLEW! Her feet did not touch the armoire, did not pass go. She landed in the complete opposite corner of the room down by the closet. If the door had been open she would have been inside it. She crouched down and looked terrified. I never saw a cat vibrate in fear.

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