Jan 17, 2011

Starving Cat Needs Help!

Everyone took my New Year's resolution to heart and now I'm so sorry I made one. I regret it and wish I could take it back, erase it from memory!

I'm starving to death here! Do you understand? Starving! I weighed 13 pounds and now I weigh 11 pounds. Can you imagine it? And still everyone calls me a fat cat!

Admittedly, I have a low hanging pouch, and Queen Bambi says I waddle when I walk, and I still cannot leap to the bedroom window sill to watch the birds. Who wants to watch those dumb old birds, anyway?

Mama-san took me at my word and is "helping" me to lose weight. She put one feeder in the guest bedroom filled with diet cat food. She expects Bambi and me to eat it. Well, at first it tasted great and no matter how much I gobble, I get to feeling quite weak in the paws.

The feeder for Spyder and Buffy is in the other room. Mama-san made sure that we can't get to it by pushing it up against the wall and setting other objects in front of it too tight for us grown ups to squeeze through. NOT FAIR!!! Those two have the delicious food!

I have complained and complained to both Mama-san and The Monk but neither will relent! Pretty soon, I will waste away to skin and bones! Oh, woe is me!


The Chair Speaks said...

Bet you are very nice to hug! :)

Elizabeth Munroz said...

Yes, thank you! I am very nice to hug. Even The Monk thinks so and lets me sleep with him all night long while I purr.

lupie said...

Yikes! Diet?
Can't let our mom see this or else ...
You get what we mean!

Love, Lucky & Co.

P:S: Like they say, Diet is Die with a tea!

Kea said...

Oh noes...! We can see you're wasting away to nothing! Shall we send ham? Turkey? Tuna? Temptations?

Purrfect Haven said...

what cruelty - big is beautiful in our book! Love Darcy and Bingley xx