Apr 23, 2010

Cosmo Takes a Stroll

Cosmo, the eldest of my pride, is an indoor cat. In the almost 14 years he's lived with me, he has only rarely gotten out and the last time had been a few years before this incident.

I had returned home from the store one night, opened the front door and there was Cosmo ... and OUT he went - not in a hurry, just a casual stride like it is something he does every day.

No really expecting compliance, I commanded "Cosmo! Get back in here!" and all that I received in return was THAT look and a very stern "Meh" sound.

I couldn't help but suspect how he KNOWS that I am one-legged and on crutches and how I will just NOT be able to catch him. He would let me get 6-inches away from him, then take 4 more steps and look back at me again with that "Yeah, right" look. To be honest, I was laughing at the 'cattitude'.

"Okay," I said. "let's see how long this lasts." and I stood there and watched him sniffing the air and the leaves, and just casually and very happily strolling around.

Every once in a while I'd say "Cosmo!" and he'd just give me that look again as well as another "Meh!"

I went back Into the house and waited, wondering how I would get my wayward cat back into the house (food wasn't working).

After about 45 minutes, the fireworks finale went off at the local baseball stadium. Even at their distance, it was kind of chest-thumping.

I laughed, got up from the couch and opened wide the front door and stepped aside ...

Two seconds later, all I saw was a big gray streak come TEARING back through the doorway.

That'll teach him. Maybe.

Written by guest writer, John Rahn
Thank you, John


Purrfect Haven said...

totally know what you mean. My boys are meant to be indoor. Bing is pretty happy, but Darcy itches to be out hunting, foraging. I let them both out for short times and supervise as best I can, but it is stressful because of the road and Darcy's will to roam. When he encountered his first barking dog he shot back, but it is a worry. Helen, with Love from Darcy and Bingley

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Awwwww ... we hope he didn't get too frit!

Sharon Dreyfuss said...

I like this story. Thanks for putting it on the blog.