Apr 12, 2009

Sacred Feeder Dish

Yesterday Kats and I went to the big pet food store. It's huge. They have dog training classes there right in the middle of the store. There must have been 20 or 30 dogs. It was mayhem. We had to pass through them all to get to the Cat aisles.

We had decided to get Jeffery the one kind of cat food that we knew he loved to eat. It's shredded. It has turkey, gravy and cheese in it.

Then we met a lady who works there and I told her the situation. She told me to feed him dried kitten food because it was high in calories, and he could gain weight. We bought a small bag because I wasn't even sure that he would eat it.

When Keli was here he wasn't interested in dry food hardly at all. Used to take a bite or two and leave. But, I was desperate. so we bought it.

When we got home, I looked around for the plastic cat feeder. You put the food into this large container and it comes out a hole in the bottom into a plastic bowl. Keli had it for years.

When Keli died I took all her stuff and put it away because every time I looked at it, I cried. So then I found the dry food feeder and I cried while I put the kitten food in it, and set it down.

Suddenly Jeffery was there gobbling down the food. He kept going back to it all night. So, it looks like he might start eating again. We just didn't have the right menu!

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