Apr 8, 2009

Lonesome Kitty

I keep thinking that if Jeffery has a little competition for food, and have a buddy, he would be happier. I was gone all day yesterday to Stanford U med cntr and he was very clingy when I got home.

I am still fresh with grief and it breaks through at the most inconvenient times, while driving for example, in the middle of a good TV show, while reading an absorbing book. while brushing my teeth.

I hadn't been able to watch TV at first, or read or anything. So making myself do these things, I thought, would help me get through it. But, last night I was howling like a banshee, I cried so hard.

Funny, it didn't scare Jeffery, but made him crawl up closer to my face, as if my armpit wasn't close enough!

Note: This picture was taken several months ago.

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