Mar 19, 2009


Keli was my soulmate. I think she knew me better than family or friends. I think she loved me better, without judging.

I am faced with the odd realization that I am grieving more for Keli than for either of my parents.

Where Keli was concerned, I would do anything for her, and I often did.

If only I had paid more attention to the symptoms, I feel like she might still be here.

Physically, my body is reacting to all this. I feel like I have been hit by a truck. I took sleeping pill last night so I wouldn't stay awake. My body needs rest.

Today, Desiree offered to come over, but I told her no... maybe later. But, she came anyways. Took me to pharmacy to pic up my meds, then out to lunch. I never would have made it if I were driving.

No energy. exhausted. I hope I revive from this soon.

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