Mar 20, 2009

Cat Funeral Plans

Keli was born alive with me as mid-wife. She and I have been bonded ever since. She never slept or fed with the other kittens, always being on her own schedule and left her siblings when she was old enough to be with me, follow me everywhere.

She had a way of understanding when I've been ill, and offered so much comfort to me over the years. She was 19 1/2 years old. I think that's about 96 in people years. I have had many cats in my life, but not one like her.

It is inexplicable to me how much more bereft I am than I thought was possible. It's physical as well as emotional. I feel like I have been hit by a truck.

Kats and Xavier will be here this weekend. Her grave has been dug (very deep) by Miguel, Esther's father in law, and she will be put to rest beside my back door on Sunday.

I intend to put her favorite plant over her. Cat Mint instead of Cat Nip. Though she liked both, she preferred the first.

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