Sep 3, 2005

Birthday Cat

Keli just had her fourteenth birthday. What is that in people years? 98, I think. Took her to the Vet for a check up as she has been acting so different lately. Maybe she is just mad at me for all the June visitors, then going away, then coming back and going away again.

But, she has been hauling off and smacking me right in the face a lot lately, and biting just a little bit too hard, then she runs like the dickens cause she knows that she is not being nice!!!

I thought maybe she is in arthritic pain and when I pet her and she is purring and suddenly bites me that it was because I was hurting her. But, Vet thoroughly examined her and said for her age, she has no severe signs of arthritis. Obviously because she is so old, she is not leaping any fences and no longer jumps up on the table or dresser. Her heart is strong and has no arrythmias, her eyes are good, etc etc. Vet didn't think anything wrong, except maybe she needs a companion, a pet, a kitty for herself. If so, it will have to be as old as her and a hundred times more mellow, to be able to put up with her crotchetiness.

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