Oct 15, 1998

Lonesome Calico

Keli is sitting on my lap while I attempt to type.

She is SO pissed off at me being gone so much of the time. She is like an angry, lonesome wife. (Or girlfriend hmm, Sounds familiar, huh?)

I have tried several times to set her on the bookcase adjacent to my left shoulder, but she won't have it! She MUST sit on me. (Keep me in my place, I guess.)

She growls at me if I try to pet her, even spit and snapped at me like a little Tigress, when I got up to get a pillow to put on my lap to keep her from slipping between my legs.

And yet, she is head butting my wrists for affection. I tried to take her in the car with me earlier today to run errands, but she wouldn't go with me, then.

I think I will take a hint from her and drop a class or two.

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