Aug 12, 1998

Quake Hummingbird Cat

Date: Wednesday, August 12, 1998 9:36 PM

Earthquake today!

Shook me awake and sent Kelly flying across the room.

According to reports, it was felt all the way from SF to King City (90 mi S). Epicenter was in San Juan Bautista (near Hollister) Damage to highway 101 has been repaired already.

I went and got Xavier to come over and help me move furniture into safer positions in my room. There were 60 aftershocks according to the news. I haven't felt them, Kelly seems okay. I don’t see her being nervous or doing anything differently

But, I wonder if she was a bird in a past life. This afternoon, she was sitting out front in the garden. I saw a Hummingbird flit by to feed on the fuschia. Then, it turned around heading back across the garden to where Kelly sat.

It hung in the air about 18 inches above her and chirped at her as though to have a conversation. Kelly listened respectfully, as though the bird was not a tempting morsel, but an old friend.

I was entranced! Wish I had that on video!

Maybe, that is the strange behaviour that animals are supposed to exhibit surrounding earthquakes?

Maybe that hummingbird was saying, “Hey, did you feel that earthquake today?”

Exciting day! Maybe ot nearly as exciting as tornadoes in Indiana. There's always plenty of warning ahead of time to build up the adrenaline. With earthquakes, it just happens quickly, and it's over. But I guess that's the price I have to pay to live here.

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