Until one has loved an animal, part of the soul remains unawakened

Until one has loved an animal, part of the soul remains unawakened


Happy Cat Lady

Happy Cat Lady

Jul 29, 2011

Kitty Cat Tea Party

The Royal Tea Party was a success! The table was set with all our favorite pieces.

The table cloth was hand embroidered by Grandma Deane. Notice the lovely kittens!

You will notice our favorite tea pot was in attendance, flanked by her two blue kitty creamers. As everyone knows, you never can have enough cream in your catnip tea!

We each chose our own favorite tea cups to adorn the table.

And as you can see, CATNIP, fresh from the garden!!!

Timmy, the Timid. was first to inspect the delights of our table, but as you will soon learn, the poor boy does not have the nose, nor the palate to have a gourmand's appreciation of catnip, neither straight, dried, nor as liquid refreshment.

He is strange that way. Don't you think?

Whoever heard of a cat that does not enjoy partaking of catnip, especially when fresh from one's own garden?

Nor, because of his awkward shyness, did he care to partake of our company.

A travesty, I say! Oh, what a queen has to put up with these days! Our youth have no manners!

Therefore he left the tea party early and took his cream privately as he is wont to do. Poor boy!

Perhaps, being a gangly boy cat, he is too young for such goings on.

Though you would never know he is still a kit from the size of him!

He towers over us all! We are sure you can tell just by looking at the picture. Yes?

As he grows older and gains some social graces, we are quite sure he will develop into a quality gentlemanly cat of breeding.

Needless to say, it was just the three of us attending the festivities.

My Liege, the dark and handsome, Ninja, there on the left in the picture.

Our little Princess Buffy, the Bampire Flayer, on the right.

She is growing up so fast. Don't you think? Hardly a kitten anymore. And such good manners. Just look at her dainty little cup. She took such lady like little sips

And of course, your Royal Highness, Moi.

Jul 19, 2011

Cat on Window Screen

This is our friend, John's Cat. His name is Tommy. He was rescued a few months back after John's cat, Cosmo, went to the bridge. (RIP Cosmo). Tommy is full of mischief! He lives in Florida and has lots of interesting things to watch, like lizards, for instance! He likes to wait until John is asleep and then Tommy goes through the kitchen cupboards. We are sure he must be inspecting to make sure there are no bugs in there. What a good watch cat Tommy is!  He likes to hang out at the top of the window screen. Perhaps he can get a better view of the birds that way, or perhaps an insect was taunting him. What a super cat Tommy is! We just love that jet plane on Tommy's chest. Maybe he just wants to fly! He's a handsome boy cat! Dontcha think?

Jul 17, 2011

Eyebrow Cat

The repair man came to the house. He took one look at Timmy and said, "Wow! That cat has eyebrows! I've never seen a cat with eyebrows before!"

It's funny. Because we never noticed. 
What do you think? Does Timmy have eyebrows?

Jul 8, 2011

Queen Bambi Requests Your Presence

YOU are cordially invited 
to attend 
an exclusive Kitty Kat Tea Party
to welcome the arrival of 
HRH Prince William 
HRH Princess Kate 
to California

Event: Royal High Tea
Time: 4:00 PM
Venue: Kitchen Table
Hosted by:
HRH Queen Bambi of Carita Court
Watsonville, California


Catnip Tea
Seafood Scones
Clotted Cream
Catmint Jelly

Please RSVP

Jul 5, 2011

The British Are Coming! The British Are Coming!

Queen Bambi has just learned that her illustrious royal cousins, Prince William and his lovely wife are presently visiting Canada and will soon be heading down to the great state of California, where we live.

Queen Bambi is very excited about this and looking forward to having our cousins dropping by for tea.

I am concerned for my Queen's sake. She was so disappointed when they didn't invite her to their big shebang, their wedding. And I hope they will deign to have tea with her. You know how sensitive my Queen is. I don't want her feelings hurt if they don't show up!

I just wish I had connections to make sure such an arrangement could be made. Otherwise this coming week could be disastrous, not only for Queen Bambi but for all of us.

We have had quite a time soothing her from the ravages of all the fireworks that were "bursting in air" the last two days. She finally ran up into the closet and hid herself in my army tent. Needless to say I spent an uncomfortable night without the comfort of my own cot.

Don't purrsons know that those loud noises hurt our ears and shock us? You should have seen the birds yesterday in the midst of all the racket. They were not nesting quietly in their trees, but flying around very disturbed squeaking and squawking their terror. They haven't yet come to the bird feeders yet today, either.

Jul 4, 2011

Independence Day Cats

Last night was pretty scary an' we are so glad we are inside cats! For many hours we heard loud crackling an' popping noises an' some big booms, almost like thunder, too! Me an' Buffy sure wondered what was going on.

Queen Bambi say when she was a outside kitten she remember those days when the crackling an' banging happenened. She say she ran everywhere an' could not get away from those loud noises. She even got lost an' had to find her way home. She feel much safer now living here wiff Mom an' the rest of us.

Ninja told me an' Buffy not be worry. Is a way that purrsons celebrate something' important called Independence Day.

It's the birffday of America. This is the country where we live. That's what Ninja say. We like birffdays!

But, we didn't understand 'bout the loud noises. After all, there are lotsa important days an' dere are not all those bangs an' bams going on.

I guess we still has lots to learn.

Tonight, Ninja says, it will be much more exciting. He say if we sit in the window, we will see something very pretty called fireworks. They are like many bright colored flying bugs, only more better, he say.

We have never seen such a thing! We loves watching bugs (an' catching them, too)! We can hardly waits to see them fireworks!