Feb 5, 2019

What Not To Do When You Build A Catio

Catos are nice for kitty to have some outside time but if you don't want your cats to go out in the rain, think it through before you build. 

When the catio framework was first finished, I instantly learned of its considerable faults. We had put down a tarp for a floor over the dirt. And we put an old carpet on top of that. Soon it rained and part of the "floor" had water seepage beneath. It quickly became muddy in that corner. Yes, the carpet got wet. There were other problems I had to fix, too. So, it was clear to me, the catio was not finished as I had thought. I couldn't hold the contractor responsible because I hadn't thought of this and other problems that needed further work.  I hope you will learn from my mistake and not do what I did. Think it through. 

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