Feb 5, 2019

Maine Coon Kitten Nursing on Blanket

This was my beloved Shadow, who was separated from his mama before he was five weeks old. He hadn't reached maturity yet in this video. He was about eleven months of age. My friend called him an "armpit cat", meaning whenever I laid down to sleep, he would snuggle up to me right in my armpit. He never lost his need to suckle and loved his blankets! I loved this cat so much! But, you can tell, I'm sure, by the way I am writing about him in the past tense, you understand that Shadow is no longer with me. He had a gastrointestinal obstruction, a bowel disease. After several visits to the vet over many months, Shadow made no improvement. Surgery was suggested, but at the cost of several thousand dollars almost as much as my yearly income at the time (2011). I couldn't just let him suffer until the end came. Though it broke my heart, I had him peacefully put to sleep.

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