Sep 10, 2014

Flea Bath Horrors

Princess Royale, Buffy da Bampire writes: Because of Timmy comin' home all loaded wif fleas, it wasn't long B4 Queen Bambi and I were itching and scratching too. Den, of corse, CatMom taked us all to the VET and we getted baths. Yes, Baths!!!! It is hew-mew-liating and mortifying! I shudder when I think of it! I've spent all week trying to get my furs all rearranged how they belong.
CatMom and Princess Buffy

Of corse I'm mad at Timmy! I mean, dat's my right as the Princess Royale. Isn't it?

When he was lost I had my ryt to the throne guar-ant-eed. I had best snuggle spot in da left arm-pit of CatMom. And Queen Bambi had da ryte one.

Den da prodigal prince come bak home and I hafta let go of my in-hair-itance? What? I don't think so, bruther!

Okay! Okay! Well, now dat yoo all know and.... I am sure... unnerstand my purrsition, I will tell yoo how mag-nan-i-mouse I am being purr-zently. I even letted Timmy do da nose to nose wif me yestaday. And when him jumpt on da bed, I purr-tended I dint even notice. Behav-yor be-coming dis princess, I assure yoo!

Timmy finallee smells lyke one of our clowder again. So, I can accept dat he belongs here, but I still not so sure I want ta share my CatMom wif him, 'speshally since her is pampurring Timmy so much since he camed home.
Buffy the Pillow Cat Marks Her Spot
So, when him's watching da humming-birds at da feeders, I just moves into da middle of da bed up dere between da pillows where CatMom sleeps, and I stays dere all day, just ta make sure Timmy gets da message about who belongs where!

That guarantees my purrsition, and reminds Timmy that him is not yet off the hook, entirely.

What's fair is fair. Ryte?