Jul 29, 2013

Waiting for the Mousekeeper

Timmy da Timid
Timmy sat in the window all morning awaiting the arrival of Maria. She's the one who comes and tears the house apart, moving all our stuff around. Timmy can hardly wait until she shoves the broom under the fridge and digs out all his mousies he has stashed under there.

Maria smooths out the covers on the bed where we make our nests all nice and soft. She takes that nasty evil vacuum and sucks up all the catnip we have so carefully smooshed into the carpet. Whatever happened to brooms?

She runs the noisy old washing machine and lets it knock and whirl until Timmy and Buffy can't stand it anymore. Usually when that thing is running, they run away to the furthest corner of the house. Chica and Shadow hide under the beds. If the closet has been left open Timmy or Buffy go hide in there.

As for moi, I am not the slightest bit disturbed my the machinations of the laundry room. Er... my royal domain, that is.

I have more sense than my subjects, of course, and I have commandeered the dryer. It''s the most wonderful invention, made especially for royal cats such as moi-self!  Dryers also happen to be a useful item for hoomans to fluff up cat blankets and pillows. They put their towels in there to warm and fluff them up. That makes them nice and cozy in the laundry basket. It really seems to disturbed poor Mom when we lie down on them, so we really have to be sneaky about it.

Queen Bambi disappointed in mouse keeper
We were all disappointed today, however. Maria will not be returning to do any more mousekeeping for us. She stopped by to tell Mom that has found more "lucrative challenges" elsewhere.

How could she possibly give up taking care of our home?

We know she will miss us terribly, of course. How could she not? We are the most special Cats in the world and everyone loves us so much. We will miss her too.

 Especially since we had her trained to give us more treats when Mom was not looking.


Connie - Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

Well that is a shame! I'm sorry to hear about Maria leaving you. Hopefully the Mom will find someone as good or better to keep the mouses..

Elizabeth Munroz said...

Oh, yes indeed, my good Foster Kittens. I've interviewed a number of purrspects who have come in the door for any reason. So far none have met up with the smell test. But, we are hopeful.