Nov 18, 2009

Eight Months Today

Keli  lived with me nearly twenty years.

Together, we went through a divorce, a tornado, my son growing up, a serious illness, moving 2,000 miles to California in an old station wagon, a couple of mild earthquakes, and falling in love with a good man.

I don't know who loved him more. Me? or Keli? I wasn't the one throwing myself at his feet and rolling over to have my belly rubbed whenever he arrived. How could he resist her? How could I not share him with her? After all, Keli was the Queen, and I, but her devoted subject.

My beloved Keli, my dearest friend, and kitty soul-mate died March 18, 2009.  It has been eight months and even though I have adopted three cats since then, I still miss her.


Author said...

And you'll always miss her. Because once a wonderful cat finds it way into your heart, it stays there. I still miss Henry (1885 ~2004) ~ this week it was 5 years to the day since I brought his ashes home from the crematorium. So I really do understand your loss.

I'm sure you will know this poem, but nevertheless, I send it to you today with (((((hugs)))))

Those we love remain with us
In the whisper of the wind
In a soft rain that falls from Heaven
In each sunrise
In every single star that lights the night sky and
In every single memory we hold with our hearts

by Mary Chandler Huff

Elizabeth Munroz said...

Thank you, it's true.

Elizabeth Munroz said...

And I am still filled with wonder that I loved her so much more than I realized.