Feb 26, 2009

Lap Sit

Jeffery He and Keli are not so comfy cozy. Like any too old folks, they are curmudgeonly, and therefore it has been an uphill battle.

At first I let them stay apart as much as they wanted, but then I realized everytime they met nose to nose in a doorway it was spitting time.

Keli has no claws but a vicious bite. Jeffery has claws but because he's missing that front tooth his bite is worthless. So they are about evenly matched. Just the same I didn't want to keep having the door wars, so I kept arranging for them to be in closer and closer proximity of each other. Now, at least they can eat from separate bowls spaced four inches apart. And they can tolerate eating together that way in peace.

I wish they could curl up all cuddly, but the best I will get is close proximity on the bed. One at my feet, the other at my side.

Jeffery asks to go out in the evenings for short periods of time. A pain in the butt... "Let me out... let me in, etc." Sometimes I don't hear him asking to come back in. Interestingly, Keli will come to where I am located and drive me nuts with her meowing until I follow her to the front door so I can open it for Jeffery.

So, I think she likes him well enough. I have only recently gotten them to tolerate having me pet both of them at the same time. I suppose in a few years, they might lapsit with me together. Huh?


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